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Zebra Station

Using the Zebra Station (Call number labels) computers
Short version of instructions:
  • Logon to print station
  • Logon to Cataloguing module
  • Click on “Spine Labels” icon (label software)
  • Step 1: Scan a barcode in to the “Barcode #” box
  • Step 2: Edit the displayed call number, if necessary
  • Step 3: Press F8 key to print the label
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for each new label. 
If you need multiple labels for the same call number, simply press F8 again for each duplicate label. 
If you need labels for similar call numbers, you can change the displayed call number rather than scanning in another barcode (i.e. v. 1, v. 2, v. 3, etc.)

Detailed Instructions

Detailed version of instructions:
  • Note that there are two Zebra stations, and they both use the same logons. 
  • Best practice is to have already created the item records before moving on to creating call number labels.  However, it is also possible to use the Zebra station to first create the item record (in the Voyager cataloguing module), and then to immediately print the call number label.
  • If the computer is not logged on.
ID = zebra
Password = Tzsl260
Then, log on to Cataloguing module as: Operator ID: cat1
                                                                            Password: process01
  • (The Cataloguing module needs to be logged on in order for the labelling software to retrieve the call numbers).
  • Then click on “Spine Labels” icon at the lower left of the screen, which brings up this window:
  • Scan a barcode in to the Barcode # box, and the call number information (from the holdings plus the item record) pops in:
  • Then, edit the displayed call number until it looks good.  You can edit any part of the displayed call number, and use a carriage return to move text to the next line.  The maximum number of characters per line is usually 8 (at 14 point font), and the maximum number of lines is also 8.  You MAY reduce the font size to 12 if needed.
  • To print label, use function key F8 (or click on the button that says Label is OK (F8))  For the next label, simply wand in the next barcode.  (It is good practice to always check that the barcode brought up the correct item.)
  • TO REDUCE FONT SIZE: click on Options button (lower right of window)
  • Then click on Fonts tab (far right), then click on Change button under “Font for spine labels:”, and change the Size of font to 12 (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!).  THEN click OK, and then OK again on the next screen.
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