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Metadata Unit

Internet Archive Titles

(Books from the UVic Library that have been digitized for Internet Archive)

As part of the Damaged Books procedure, out-of-copyright material may be digitized before being repaired, discarded, or transferred to Special Collections.

Such materials go directly from Acquisitions (who, along with the subject librarians and Copyright unit, decide whether a book may be digitized*) to Digitization.  Staff in the Digitization Unit create a digital copy of the material, send the digital copy to Internet Archive (IA) for loading, and then record the URL of the digital object on the spreadsheet:  W: > LTEC > Cataloguing > Internet Archive > IA urls.xlsx

*See also Appendix 1, at end of this document, for workflow for cataloguing replacement resources which are not digitized at UVic… for which links already available online are utilized.


  • Open spreadsheet and select the “DAMAGED books” tab.
  • Each entry on the “DAMAGED books” worksheet needs a bibliographic record for the new e-version. Procedure:
  • Access the print resource in Voyager, using the barcode (or sometimes bib record number) provided
  • Open the corresponding link also provided
  • Compare the bib and the digitized item to confirm they are for the same resource! (Some older or recon bibs are not the correct ones for the print resource held, and subsequently digitized. In such cases, ignore the print anomaly but be sure to choose the correct record to edit for the e-version.)
  • NB! If only one volume of a multi-volume set on a single print bib has been digitized, do not create new bib: add the link with identifying $3 to the print record. Also add a 530: Available also on the Internet (Volume 5).
  • Find an OCLC record for an e-resource for the title. If none is available, either:

1.    copy and internally convert (to e-) the existing Voyager print record, or
2.    import a similar e-resource record from OCLC and convert that.

  • If doing either, remember to remove all data which no longer applies; for instance, see under 035 below.)
  • Upgrade to RDA as usual, if required.
  • Fully edit the resource as for a print monograph.

Bibliographic Record


Best practice: attach Holding as the first step in the edits!

852 8_  $b inre $h ELECTRONIC

(NB. Treat multi-volume electronic sets - with multiple holdings on  single bib - just as you would print: LDR v / 008 completeness, 1 [or] 2 / add 866)


Cataloguing form: i (isbd)


Computer file

Form of item o (online)

Type of file d (document)


Electronic resource

Specific material designation r (remote)

Colour m (mixed)

Dimension n (not applicable

Sound on medium | (no attempt to code)


Form of item o (online)


$z for print # if included in e-bib; do this with any other print identifiers retained (010 etc.)


Remove when converting a print record to e, or in any case where the record you are editing will no longer represent the original resource in OCLC


Edit: if $e pn present, remove in favour of rda


Edit 300 to 1 online resource; add parentheses for pagination; remove dimension $c

336/337/338: add using macro Ctrl F2

  • 336     ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent
  • 337     ‡a computer ‡2 rdamedia
  • 338     ‡a online resource ‡2 rdacarrier

Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (viewed July 31, 2018).


Local note:

Scroll down in the Internet Archive screen to confirm that UVic’s logo is the first one appearing on the list of e-holdings on the lower right hand of the Internet Archive screen: if it is include the local contribution note: 

  • Contributed to the Internet Archive by the University of Victoria Libraries.

If the images in the digital file indicate that there was a book plate or gift plate in the original print monograph, add this type of note:

  • 590     ‡a Book plate: Ex Libris Mortimer Sneed.
  • 590     ‡a Gift of Mrs. Dorothy Willows Smythe.

Additional (in this case, Original) physical form:

Leave in place if present  – if it remains correct for the record you are editing – but not required to add.

  • 776 08 $i Print version:  ‡a Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925. ‡t Ivory child. ‡d London : Cassell, 1916).

856 40 $u

Add the URL from the spreadsheet. 

Add subfield $3 only if required to designate the specific resources: Volume 1 / Part two / Fall 1900 etc.

When a digitized title’s new record is complete, highlight its line on the spreadsheet, which is colour-coded.

Creative Commons License
This work by The University of Victoria Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise indicated when material has been used from other sources.