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MARC Fields - Local Instruction

Consult the MARC Standard for the proper use of MARC fields, Subfields, and Indicators.

RDA workflows will also include specific MARC instruction in many cases.

The following are fields where further explanation is required or local use requires explanation):

Field Details  

910 (Cataloguer / Cataloguing details)

Keyboard shortcut: <shift> F8

$a FIN (cataloguing completed)

$b NEW (newly catalogued monograph)


$b NEWS (newly catalogued serial)

$c dd Month yyyy (date cataloguing completed)

Example: $a FIN $b NEW $c 08 September 2018 $d kjn

May be found in records BUT no longer used:

$b NSUB (856 link (monograph) - no subscription, free on the internet)


$b NSUBS (856 link (serial) - no subscription, free on the internet)

$b RECON (recon (monograph))


$b RECONS (recon (serial))

$b SUB (856 link (monograph) - requires subscription for access)


$b SUBS (856 link (serial) - requires subscription for access)

948 (obsolete) Was used for cataloguers' initials (pre-1999)  

Locally loaded electronic collection. $a Electronic collection name or description $d Date loaded (Month Year)


\\ $aCanadian Depository Services Electronic Collection $dLoaded July 2021


999 Notes related to acquisitions processes. Ignore if present  

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