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Metadata Unit

Useful Resources for Cataloguing Music Scores

Music cataloguing resources located in the Metadata Unit:

Title/Author/Edition Publisher Call Number
Music description and access : solving the puzzle of cataloging / by Jean Harden. Middleton, Wisconsin : A-R Editions, Inc. : Music Library Association, [2018]

ML111 H275 2018

Notes for music catalogers : examples illustrating AACR 2 in the online bibliographic record / by Ralph Hartsock. Lake Crystal, Minn. : Soldier Creek Press, 1994 ML111 H28 1994
Describing music materials : a manual for resource description of printed and recorded music and music videos / Richard P. Smiraglia, with Jihee Beak. 4th edition. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017] ML111 S63 2017
Shelflisting music : guidelines for use with the Library of Congress classification, M / Richard P. Smiraglia. Second edition. Lanham, Maryland : Scarecrow Press : Music Library Association, 2008 ML111 S64 2008
Cataloger's judgment : music cataloging questions and answers from the Music OCLC Users Group newsletter / Jay Weitz. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, [2004] ML111 W34 2004
German for musicians / Josephine Barber. London : Faber Music, 1985

PF3120 M8837


The library collection also includes many resources that are invaluable in establishing correct identification of works. Of particular value are the music reference materials, especially those classed in ML134, which includes thematic catalogues and composer worklists. Items classed in ML410 (composer biographies) may also contain such lists.

Music Scores - RDA Workflow

RDA Workflow - Cataloguing Music Scores

  • Workflow is located in the RDA Toolkit

RDA Toolkit > Tools > Workflows > Local Workflows > UVic Music Score Workflow 1.4

Call Numbers

Resources for Creating Call Numbers for Music

Creating Call Numbers for Music

The purpose of call numbers is to provide each item with a unique shelf location, reflecting such aspects as instrumentation, authorship, musical form, title, numerical elements, publishers, editors, and date of publication. Music is well-known for being issued in various closely-related editions, and all of the elements mentioned above can contribute to the creation of useful call numbers. There are few absolutes when it comes to call number construction, and much judgement is required.

  • Using the classification schedules and appendices, determine correct class based on instrumentation and form of composition.
  • Pay special attention in classifying collections (two or more works by one or more composers) and arrangements of various sorts.

At all times in this process, do a call number search in Voyager to determine appropriate cutters, conforming with the established use of cutters and other elements in our catalogue within the classifications. Often a composer is represented by many works within a classification, and pattern and cutter consistency is very important.

Creating Call Numbers for Generic Works

  • Determine whether the preferred title of the composition is generic (see Types of compositions). Typically a generic work is represented in the bibliographic record with a constructed heading in the 240 field or title portion of a 700 field.
  • Select the appropriate classification and add the following elements to the call number in the pattern: composer cutter/numerical or key signature identifier/publisher cutter/date. 

Example: M23 B416 op. 57 U53 1928

  • The numerical identifier can represent an opus number, a sequential number (“no. 2”), a thematic index number (“BWV 1016”, “K. 467”), or even a date of composition included in the controlled heading (“(1825)”).
  • Generally follow patterns established in our catalogue. If an opus or thematic index number is available, generally prefer over sequential number.
  • As a rule, apply publisher cutters to individual compositions with generic titles.
  • The date of publication is always included.
  • When cataloguing a study score (formerly known as a miniature score) and “format of music” is coded “b”, add an “a” to the date (“1968a”).
  • When cataloguing an independently issued set of parts, typically for chamber music combinations, add a “b” to the date (“1968b”). These provide a quick identifier to the format of the score and help to distinguish when multiple formats of the same composition are published simultaneously.
  • More elements may be added as needed.
  • Sometimes an additional title is required when a single classification is used for various types of compositions or includes both generic and distinctive titles.

Example: M25 I92S89 no. 23 M48 1990

  • In this example, M25 includes many compositions by Charles Ives, generally with distinctive titles. Since there is no separate classification for piano studies, we have to include a title cutter and also add a number to represent the work’s place in a numerical sequence.

Single Works with Distinctive Titles

  • Select correct classification and apply composer cutter.
  • Add a cutter representing the initial word of the preferred title.
  • Add the date as instructed in "generic works"
  • Add other identifying elements if required to make the call number distinctive. In some circumstances it may be useful to add numerical designators.

Example M25 A33A44 2007

Example M25 S16P38 1989

  • 240 10 Paraphrase sur Mandolinata de Paladilhe
  • 245 10 Mandolinata
  • Cutter by preferred title (field 240)


  • A collection consists of two or more works.
  • Determine the type of collection and apply as appropriate.

Types of Collections:

1. Collection of Works by a Single Composer

  • A collection may include works by a single composer.
  • Determine the correct class, add a cutter for the composer and add an additional cutter for title of the collection, editor, or publisher (most commonly used).

Example M23 B15K3 1968a

2. Collection of Works by Various Composers

  • A collection may include works by various composers.
  • These should have a title main entry and are cuttered by title.

Example M21 A45 1988

Call Numbers - Music Publisher Cutters

Accolade                      A22
Adlar                             A25
Aibl                                A36
Alamire                          A43
Alfred                             A44
Alry                                 A46
Alsbach                           A463
Amadeus                         A47
American Composers Alliance      A49
Amphion                           A5
Amstel                              A515
Andre                                A53
Anglo-French                    A537
Anglo-Soviet                      A54
A-R                                     A6
A-RAM                                A613
Arcadia                                A617
Arcana                                 A62
Ariel                                      A65
Arrow Music Press               A664
Ars Musicae                         A668
Ars Viva                                A67
Art Public                              A673
Artaria                                   A75
Artia                                      A68
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew      A683
Ashdown                                A685
Associated Board Royal Schools       see R62
Associated Music Pub.            A7
Augener                                   A8
BMI                             B15
Balquhidder                B25
Banff Centre                B26
Bardic                          B28
Barenreiter                  B29
Baron                           B3
Bay Brass                     B34
Beethoven-Haus           B44
Belaieff                          B45
Belmont                         B455
Belwin Mills                   B458
Benjamin                       B46
Benoit                            B47
Berandol                        B48
Berben                           B474
Beteca Music                 B48
Bieler                             B54
Billaudot                        B54
Blis                                B454
BMI Canada                  B48
Bocal                             B532
Boccaccini                     B53
Boelke Bomart               B54
Boethius                         B55
Boileau                           B565
Boivin                             B57
Bonanza                         B58
Boosey                           B6
Bornemann                     B63
Boston                             B65
Bosworth                         B66
Bote                                 B67
Brand                               B718
Brandus                           B72
Brass Music                     B725
Brass Press                     B726
Brazilliance                       B73
Breitkopf & Hartel              B74
British & Continental          B742
British Museum                  B743
Brixton                                B744
Brockhaus                          B745
Broekman                           B75
Broude                                B76
Bruchner                              B78
Bruzzichelli                          B788
Buissonieres                        B85
Cambridge University Press     C35
Canadian Music Centre            C36
Carisch                                     C37
Carlanita                                   C375
Carus-Verlag                             C38
CD Sheet Music                        C389
Centraton                                  C4
Ceski hudebni                           C415
Chant du monde                       C416
Chanterelle                               C417
Chapelier                                  C42
Chappell                                   C43
Chester                                     C44
Choudens                                 C46
Chroma                                     C47
Church                                      C48
Clark & Cruickshank                 C545
ClarNan                                     C546
Classical Vocal Reprints            C525
Classical Winds Press               C53
Clivis                                          C55
Cocks                                         C63
F. Cohen                                    C634
C. Colin                                      C645
Colombier                                   C65
Colorado College                        C654
Columbia Music                          C64
Compmusic                                 C653
Composers Editions                    C654
Composers Facsimile Edition      C655
Composers Music Corp.              C656
Composers Press                        C6562
Comus                                         C6567
Concordia                                    C657
Cornus                                         C6567
Consort Press                             C658
Cor                                              C66
Cor Donato                                  C662
Corda Music                                 C663
Cornetto                                        C665
Cor                                                C66
Costallat                                        C67
Cotta                                              C68
Cramer                                           C72
Cundy-Bettoney                             C85
Edizioni Curci                                 C87
Curwen                                           C878
Czajowski                                       C9
Da Capo                                   D3
Dania                                        D35
Dantalian                                  D358
Demets                                     D42
De Santis                                  D45
Deutscher Verlag fur Musik      D46
Diapason                                  D48
Ditson                                        D5
Doberman                                  D58
Doblinger                                   D6
Dohr                                           D64
Donajowski                                D65
Donemus                                   D653
Door                                           D66
Dove House                               D675
Dover                                         D68
Dragon’s Teeth Press                D72
Drei Masken                              D74
Dressler                                     D747
Droz                                           D76
DSCH                                         D79
Durand                                       D8
Earlham Press                          E26
Eastman School of Music         E27
Eckhardt Grammate Foundation  E29
Ediciones Eudora                      E32
Editio Musica                             E33
Editio Praga                               E332
Edition HH                                 E333
Edition Musica Europea             E34
Edition Musicus                          E345
Edition Pro Nova                        E36
Edition S                                     E362
Editions du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles       E365
Editions Viento                            E375
Educational Sheet Music             E37
Edu-Tainment                               E38
Eighth-Note Publ.                         E42
Elkan-Vogel                                  E45
Elkin                                              E47
Emerson                                        E5
Eneref                                            E535
Engel                                              E538
Engelmann                                     E54
English Woodwind Edition              E545
Engstrom                                        E55
Enoch                                             E6
Ensemble Publications                   E64
Eres                                                E734
Eschig                                             E74
Etoile                                               E86
Eudora                                            E89
Eulenburg                                       E9
Euro Arts                                        E93
Faber                                        F33
Fairfield                                     F345
Falls House Press                     F35
Farrenc                                      F37
Fazer                                         F39
Fentone                                     F42
Fillmore Music House                F46
Fischer                                       F48
Flammer                                     F5
Fog                                             F56
Foley                                           F59
Forberg                                       F6
Forni                                            F62
Forster                                         F63
Fox                                               F69
Franco Columbo                          F74
Fredonia                                       F744
Fretwork                                        F745
Frog Peak                                     F758
Fromont                                         F76
Furore-Edition                               F866
Furstner                                         F87
Gaillard                                     G35
Galaxy                                       G36
Garland                                     G37
Gay & Tenton                            G39
Gehrman                                   G44
GEMS Music                             G45
General Music                           G46
Gerard                                       G47
Gerig                                          G48
Gesselschaft der Musikfreunde    G484
Giessel                                        G54
Girod                                            G57
Golden Toad                                G65
Goodwin & Tabb                          G66
Gos. M. Idz-vo                             G67
Goulding, d’Almaine                     G68
G-Ray                                           G673
H.W. Gray                                     G674
Green                                            G76
Greenway Music                           G762
Grey                                              G74
Grimme                                         G75
Groen                                            G77
Grus                                              G78
Guidi                                              G85
Gutheil                                           G87
Haggis an Neeps                     H24
Halhauer                                  H25
Hallberger                                H254
Hamelle                                    H29
Hansen                                     H3
Hanssler                                    H311
Hargail Music Press                   H312
Harmuse                                     H313
Harris                                          H315
Hartmann                                    H32
Harvard                                       H33
Haslinger                                     H35
Haydn-Mozart Press                    H359
Hebling                                         H382
Heinrichshofen                             H38
Henle                                            H39
Henmar                                         H395
Heu                                               H399
Heugel                                          H4
Hewekemeijer                              H44
Hickman Music                             H46
Hildegard                                      H49
Hinrichsen                                     H5
Hinshaw                                        H55
Hirsch                                            H57
Hőflich                                           H638
Hofmeister                                     H64
Hornists’ Nest                                H67
Hrvatso muzikolosko                     H78
Hudebni                                         H9
Hug                                                H914
Hummel                                         H92
Ichthys                                      I2
Information Co-ordinators         I44
Insel                                           I5
International                               I6
International Opus                     I63
International Trumpet Guild       I64
Israel Music Institute                  I87
Japan Federation of Composers   J36
Jaymar                                       J39
Jobert                                         J6
Johnson                                      J63
Joshua Corp.                              J67
Joubert                                        J68
Julio Kern                                    J85
Jurgenson                                   J87
Kahnt                                           K27
Kalmus                                        K3
Kaplan Foundation                      K36
Katzbischler                                 K37
KaWe                                          K39
Kemel                                          K448
Kender                                         K45
Kendor                                         K453
E.C. Kerby                                   K47
King                                              K56
King’s Music                                 K562
Kistner                                          K57
Klavarskribo                                 K58
Klemm                                          K59
Kneusslin                                      K593
Kompozitor                                    K647
Konemann                                     K65
Kossack                                         K67
Kunzelmann                                  K85
Laaber                                                L2
LaFleur                                              L24
Lauren                                               L278
Laussedat                                         L28
Lea Pocket                                        L39
Lean Kat Music                             L573
Leduc                                                 L4
Leeds                                                 L44
Leibrock                                             L445
Lemoine                                            L45
Lengnick                                           L46
H. Leonard                                        L466
Leuckart                                             L49
Leupold                                             L5
Lib. Of Rec. Masterpieces              L53
Lienau                                               L54
Litolff                                                  L57
Little Piper                                     L573
Longmans, Green                            L645
Longship                                           L65
Lonsdale                                           L66
Luck’s                                                L8
Ludovico                                            L83
Ludwig Masters (est. 2008)           L838
Ludwig Music                                   L839
Ludwin Music                                            L8395
Lyche                                                 L93
Lyon & Healy                                    L96
Lyra                                                    L97
MCA                                                   M12
McGinnis & Marx                              M28
McLaughlin & Reilly                        M285
McNaughton                                     M286
Maguet                                               M36
Maho                                                  M34
Malcolm Music                                 M38
Malentrich                                         M383
Marais                                                M385
Marbot                                                M386
Margun                                              M3864
Marks                                                 M387
Masters Music                                  M389
Material Press                                   M3895
Mathlot                                               M39
H. May                                                M398
Mayhew                                             M4
Medici Music                                     M44
Mel Bay                                         M448
Melantrich                                         M45
Mentor                                                M457
Meriden                                             M474
Merion Music                                    M476
Merseburger                                     M487
Mersich & Kiess                               M488
Merton Music                                    M489
Michael’s                                           M53
Mills Music                                        M545
Minkoff                                               M55
Mitteldeutscher                                 M57
MMB                                                   M59
Mobart                                                M62
Moeck                                                M64
Molenaar                                       M648
Molinari                                         M65
Moseler                                              M67
MPI                                                M69
Mueller                                               M85
Multiple Breath                                 M853
Murdoch, Murdoch                          M857
Musedita                                       M8576
Music Express                                  M858
Music Press                                      M86
Musica Musica                              M868
Musica Rara                                      M87
Musical Score                                   M875
Musikhaus Pan                                M876
Musikk-huset                                 M877
Musikproduktion Hoflich – see Hőflich
Musikwissen                                     M88
Muzgiz                                               M887
Muziek Centrum Nederland          M888
Muzyka                                              M89
Nagel                                                 N34
Napoleao                                           N36
New Music Society                          N465
New World Music                             N47
New York Public Library                 N48
Nichols Music                                   N52
Noetzel                                              N55
Nordiska                                            N56
Norsk Musik forlag                           N58
Norton                                                N59
Nova                                                   N58
Novello                                              N6
Nuove Music                                     N86
Oecumuse                                        O43
Oiseau Lyre                                       O85
Olschki                                               O57
Omega                                               O54
Ongaku no tomosha                        O55
Ophee                                                O6
Orbis                                                   O7
Orphee                                               O7
Ortus                                                  O77
Ossian                                               O8
R. Ostermeyer                                   O83
Oxford                                                O9

Pan American Unio                         P255
Panton                                               P26
Paradine                                            P267
Paragon                                             P27
Patelson                                            P277
Paterson’s                                         P278
Paul                                                    P28
Paxton                                               P279
Payne                                                P3
Pazdirek                                            P32
Peer                                                    P46
Pegasus                                        P462
Pelikan                                              P464
Pembroke Music                              P4646
Penguin                                             P465
Penn State                                        P47
C. Pepin                                            P476
Performers’ Facsimiles                   P484
Peters                                                 P5
Petrucci Library Press                   P52
Philippo                                             P55
Philomele                                          P555
Pizka                                                  P59
Plangere                                       P596
Pleyel                                                 P6
Pocoforte                                      P63
Polskie Wydawn. Muzyczne          P65
Pouchenel                                        P68
Prachner                                           P7
Presser                                              P74
Prestoni                                             P747
Pro Musica Verlag                           P757
Progress Press                             P758
Prowse                                               P76
Przedstraswicielstwo                       P79
Publication Contact International        P82
PWH Edition                                     P78
Quality Ensemble Publications     Q3
Queen City Brass Publications      Q4
Rahter                                                R34
Raptus                                               R36
Rarities for Strings                           R37
Recital                                                R42
Reift                                               R438
Reinhardt                                          R44
Remick                                               R445
Revue musicale                               R45
RG Editions                                      R466
Richault                                             R47
Ricke                                                  R48
Ricordi                                               R5
Ries & Erler                                       R538
Rieter                                                 R54
Ring                                                   R545
Riorden                                              R55
Roberton                                       R555
Rochemont                                       R558
Rode                                                  R56
Roncorp                                             R58
Rongwen                                          R583
Rouart                                                R6
Royal Schools of Music, ABM        R62
Rozsavologyi                                    R63
Rubank                                              R83
Rugginenti                                     R836
Ruhle                                                 R84
Russe de musique                          R87
Rutgers University Press               R88

Sacred Music Press                      S24
Safari                                             S26
Salabert                                             S3
Samfundet                                        S312
Scelte                                                 S32
E.C. Schirmer                                   S329
G. Schirmer                                       S33
Schlessinger                                     S34
Schmids                                            S344
Schmidt                                             S345
Schneider                                         S35
Schola Cantorum                             S356
Schott                                                 S36
Schubarth                                         S37
Schule                                               S374
Schuppanzigh                                  S375
Schwann                                           S378
Schweers & Haake                          S38
Scolar Press                                     S4
Seesaw                                         S43
Senart                                                 S44
Serenissima                                      S47
Shawnee                                           S5
Siegel                                                 S513
Sikorski                                              S515
Silvertrust                                          S5154
C. Simon                                           S5157
Simon & Schuster                            S516
Simrock                                              S517
Sirene musicale                               S5177
Sirius                                                  S518
Skandinavisk                                     S52
Smith Publications                           S637
Smithsonian Institute Press           S64
Sony                                                   S66
Southern Music                                S68
Sovetskii Kompozitor                       S69
Spectrum                                       S694
Spina                                                 S695
Spolecnost Bedricha Smetany      S697
Stainer & Bell                                    S73
Stangland                                      S732
Statni hudebni vydavatelstvi          S734
Statni naki                                         S735
Steiner                                               S74
Steingraber                                       S745
Strad                                                   S77
Studio 4 Productions                       S78
Summy Birchard                              S85
Supraphon                                        S86
Surini Zerboni                                  S88
Swan                                                  S93
Tallandier                                          T35
Tapestry Music                                 T36
Tecla                                                  T43
Templeton                                         T448
Tempo                                                T45
M. Tezak                                            T49
Thomi-Berg                                       T56
To the Fore                                       T6
Tonger                                               T65
TUBA                                                 T83


UCP                                                   U23
Ullstein                                              U53
Union Mus. Esp.                               U55
United Music Publishers               U57
Universal                                           U58
University of California Press        U6
University of Illinois Press              U62
Urbanek                                             U73
Urmusik Edition                                U76
Ut Orpheus Edizioni                        U8
VEB                                                    V42
Verlag sur System. Wissenschaft      V478
Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain                                    V56
Vivace Press                                     V585
Waiteata                                            W35
Walton                                           W355
Ward Music                                       W37
Warner Bros.                                     W375
Warwick                                             W379
Waterloo                                            W39
Weinberger                                       W45
Weintraub                                         W44
Well-Tempered Press                     W455
Western International Music          W47
Whistling                                           W5
White-Smith                                      W513
Wiener Phil.                                      W54
Wiener Urtext Edition                      W548
William Grant Still Music               W549
Williams                                             W55
Willis                                              W552
W.I.N.D.S.                                          W553
Wingert-Jones                                  W554
Winterhur                                          W555
Wollenweiber                                   W65
Wood                                                  W66
Yale Univ. Press                              Y35
Yorke Edition                                    Y67
Zanibon                                             Z34
Zannetti                                             Z35
Zenemerkiado                                  Z45
Zen-On Music                                   Z456
Zerboni                                              Z47
Zhong yang yin yue xue yan          Z5
Zimmerman                                       Z54
J.H. Zimmerman                              Z544

Music Score Locations

Location Codes for Music Scores:

Location Use For
ma,scor Generally use for works catalogued in the score format
ma,ncscor Non-circulating scores (M1-M3, ML 96.4-ML96.5); or as directed by the music librarian

Unusual formats which are retained behind the counter in Music and Media

For example: Sometimes music scores are published as loose sheets in a folder, or contain a large number of parts (10 or more). These items are problematic for shelving purposes.

In consultation with the Music Librarian, the Music cataloguer will decide whether this material should be housed on the Special Format Shelves behind the desk in M&A.

Add ‡i Special Formats Shelves as the last element of the call number in field 852 of the holdings record. 

852 0# ‡b ma,desk ‡h M452 ‡i S289 ‡i no. 4 ‡i A62 ‡i 1989 ‡i Special Formats Shelves

Special Collections locations Use under guidance from SCUA


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