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Collection Management Services

Order Updates and Maintenance - Print Only

For cancelled print only continuous orders, we will be 'Closing' the orders for the following reasons

  • inventory is not deleted.
  • encumbrances are released.
  • Notes and attachments can be added to a PO line even when it is closed.

Cessations, Cancellations and Changes of Title:

  1. Send notices of forthcoming changes to Cataloguer will add 588 field note to bibliographic record as necessary. See Record Updates for more information.
  2. Add notice to POL Receiving note (use lower case): Example: "Will cease publication with v.50 (2022): Route to serial cataloguer to update bibliographic and/or holdings records."

Correcting  POL Types of migrated orders


POL Updates - Post Migration Project (Draft/SF&SH/Feb.2)

Admin > Manage sets  > My Sets/Public Sets [create or find itemized set] (Susan: My Sets > Change POL type - itemized)

Ellipses  >  Members > Select (tick box > "Remove Selected")

Ellipses > Edit >

Set Details > "Add Members to Set"

Search box > [search for item in hand (Order lines + ??]) > Select (tick box) > "Add selected"

(Continue to select more if needed)

Click Done

Return to Admin > Run a job > Select "Update PO Lines information - Advanced" > NEXT

Select Set > NEXT

Enter Task parameters: Enter POL type desired > NEXT

Review and Confirm > Submit > Confirm > Monitor jobs

(Associate POL to holdings; update POL receiving notes and holdings notes as necessary)


Order Updates and Maintenance - Electronic Component

Print + Online for Migrated Records


Background: Migrated print + online purchase orders migrated with the PO attached to the print record in the institution zone. 

It is recommended that in Alma the POL is attached to the Community Zone record. The print POL is an associated PO TO the electronic POL. The print POL is also a Technical PO which means that it does not require any fund or price information and as well, nothing will be sent to the vendor. 

Ex Libris note: Consider using an acquisition method of "technical" which also makes price optional. That type is there as a catch-all for situations like this. The trick is to leave price and fund blank. Zero-dollar transactions on funds are not allowed, but leaving it blank works fine Creating POL with ZERO amount for price and no Fund - how to? - Ex Libris Knowledge Center (

How to clean up the migrated continuous print + online POs? 

  • Update POL Type from Print Journal-Subscription to Electronic Journal-Subscription (Note: it is not possible to update a print POL directly to electronic. Instead, first update the POL Type to “other”, then update it to “electronic.”)

    • Create set 

    • Run a job: Update PO Lines Information – Advanced 

      • PO line type: Other 

    • Run a job: Update PO Lines Information – Advanced 

      • PO line type: Electronic Journal Subscription 

    • Need to confirm in this procedure that PO LIne type has been corrected 

NOTE: If for whatever reason, the POL type is identified as 'one time', the PO will need to be closed and recreated

  • Link the POL with the portfolio in the Community Zone  - you will need to copy the existing POL #

    • Find the portfolio for the single journal in the Community Zone (ensure it is the correct collection) - this can be determined by either the PO note field or within FOKUS if title is on order with Harrassowitz > 

    • Edit portfolio by clicking on View

      • Go to Acquisition tab > PO Line [enter POL #] 

      • hit Save

    • Go back to Purchase Order - get this process updated

      • on ellipse, select Change Bib reference - confirm - select CZ record


  • Create new technical print POL and link to electronic POL 

    • Create print POL  = go to print record - click on elipse - order - tick "assign Inventory Manually" box - create PO Line

      • Summary > PO Line Details 

        • Assign vendor to match parent/payment PO

        • Add fund code to match parent/payment PO -  

        • List price = $0.00

        • untick "update Net Price" Box???

        • Acquisition method: Technical 

        • Invoice status: No invoice 

        • go down to bottom of screen - open "additional' area - Associated POL = POL # of electronic title - save 

    • Search for print record in Institution Zone 

      • Click Holdings 

      • Click ellipsis 

        • Associate a PO Line – add new POL #  

    • Review new Print POL 

      • Summary tab 

      • Scroll to the bottom for “Additional” 

        • Expand 

          • Associated PO lines – add electronic POL # 

    • Review electronic payment POL 

      • Associated PO Lines tab 

        • Print POL will be found here 


Helpful documentation: 

Associated PO Lines not appearing on Associated PO Lines tab on Purchase Order Line Details 

How to handle one order to a vendor for both physical and electronic material and link them together 

General Order Maintenace


Reopening a closed or cancelled order will push the POL into Review, where it can be further edited.

To reopen a PO Line

  1. Search for the PO line
  2. From the results list, click Reopen in the row action item list. 
  3. A dialog box will state that the PO Line will be set to In Review, are you sure you want to perform this action? Click Confirm.
  4. A message will appear at the top of the screen listing the PO Line number and title saying the status is updated to In Review
  5. The PO Line should be listed on the screen below the message. 
  6. Select Go to Task List next to the PO Line.
  7. From the Purchase order lines in review screen, click Edit next to the PO Line
  8. Edit the order information if needed.
    1. If you do not want to place another order with the vendor and simply want to push the POL into the next workflow process (status = Sent), change the Acquisition method in the POL to one that does NOT generate an order (such as Purchase – Without letter) and choose Order now in the next step.
  9. You now have two choices:
    1. Choose Save to push the POL back into review
    2. Choose either Order now or Save and Continue to send the order to the vendor


 For those trained on running jobs/batch processes, the Update PO Lines job can be run to reopen large numbers of orders.

A return should include some paperwork; it doesn’t have to contain all of the below but it does help you with your return so try to obtain as much information as possible:

  • About the parcel as to why it is being returned… Duplicate? Damaged? Wrong Book? Wasn’t ordered?
  • an email perhaps about the return
  • The PO number
  • The Invoice
  • The amount of the product
  • If the product is approved for return
  • What the return mailing address would be

You want some sort of documentation approving the return by the vendor and the return address they want it returned to; if not email the vendor and confirm the return address.

If it was a book sent in error or damaged see if they will pay the return shipping or credit you the return shipping; make a note of anyone who will reimburse you as you might need to provide them with the cost after the fact and hunt down the credit.

If the vendor is willing to cover the cost of the shipment you can ask them to arrange a courier pick up for you and have them email you a waybill (then you don’t need to do these forms). You will have to provide them with the following Courier address:

(Feel free to add an ATTN as well… optional)  

University of Victoria
McPherson Library Acquisitions


(McPherson Library-Ring Road, Off parking Lot B)

3800 Finnerty Rd

Victoria BC Canada

V8W 3H5

Courier Driver additional instructions:

McPherson Acquisitions Staff Phone Number (in case they are lost) : _________________________

McPherson Mailroom Hours : _________________________

McPherson Library -Ring Road, Off parking Lot B

If an international shipment of products please note on parcel declarations form to use Thompson Ahern International (Shipping Agent) for a custom’s brokerage service.

If they don’t want to arrange you can send them an email with the total and they can provide you a credit.

Return Parcel Forms

Go to one of the following in your W Drive:

W:\LTEC\Acquisitions\Acquisitions AP Clerk\Mail

Return Book Cost of Shipment Template(computer Version).docx


W:\LTEC\Acquisitions\Acquisitions AP Clerk\Mail

Return Book Cost of Shipment Template (Lined, Printed Version).docx

  • Fill in the form with the date you are sending the shipment out and your initials.
  • Record the PO number of the product or an invoice number if you can. If it is multiple books being returned, you can record multiple PO’s
  • Record book title
  • Record the author
  • List price of the book in CAD (if its USD do a rough conversation to CAD)
  • Print two copies of Page one. If you have multiple books being returned you can do them all separately utilizing page 2


Mailing Stickers

Look in the top of the filing cabinet for a return address label(s); if there are stickers to where you are sending it you can use them.

You need 3 stickers, stick one sticker to each copy of the shipment template papers and leave one with the backing on it for the mail room. You will also need one McPherson Library return address label (from the cabinet) with the backing still on.


If there are no stickers in the top of the filing cabinet by the Accounting Clerk’s cubical for a return address label(s); you can make your own by going to below in W Drive:

W:\LTEC\Acquisitions\Acquisitions AP Clerk\Mail\Vendors Return Address Mailing Labels

Avery Label template 05161.doc

Fill in the stickers with the correct address you were given and save a copy for next time in W: Drive

 W:\LTEC\Acquisitions\Acquisitions AP Clerk\Mail\Vendors Return Address Mailing Labels

To print this sticker; announce to staff that you are printing on stickers so that no one else prints before you and stick it in the prntec3 printer by Debbie’s Desk.

You need 3 stickers, stick one sticker to each copy of the shipment template papers and leave one with the backing on it for the mail room. The remaining stickers can be filed away with a new tab label into the top of the filing cabinet for a return address label(s) folder.

You will also need one McPherson Library return address label (from the cabinet) with the backing still on.

Take the paperwork that was provided with the return book and photocopy it; it doesn’t have to contain all of the below but whatever was provided.

Staple the photocopy paperwork and one of your shipment template forms together. Put this copy on the Accounting Clerk bookshelf in the appreciate filing pile for our records.

The original paperwork place in the front book and should include a note or an email stating a return from McPherson library and why as well if a credit is being provided.

For the other shipment template form in half and place it on to of the book. Wrap the book in a large elastic band and slide the mailing sticker with the backing still on and the McPherson Library return address label with the backing still on under the elastic face up. This will make it easier for the mailroom to wrap and address.

You have completed the preparation now put the book with the elastic band and paperwork, with a McPherson Label and a Return Address label with backing still on and place the ready return in the Off Campus mail box in the centre of Room 260 for pick up. Mailroom staff will pick up return and package with your information provided. If it is a large box or returns bring it down to the mailroom for packing.



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