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Collection Management Services

Information on Collection Management Services and Operations

Record Updates

Last revised: 2023-06-12 (GLJ)

Standing Orders for ADDED VOLUMES (A/V's) should have a POL type of Physical - Standing Order Non Monograph.

On receipt of the added volume:

Acquisitions staff will: Follow instructions in the receiving note of the POL: CREATE ITEM & BARCODE; KEEP IN DEPARTMENT; ADDED VOLUME: INSERT "MONOGRAPH - ADD" FLAG; ROUTE TO METADATA

Metadata staff will: Update bib record; update holdings; confirm item record details. The item's material type, policy, etc. should correspond to previous volumes. Watch for item policy of “no circ” and label item FOR USE IN LIBRARY ONLY as appropriate.

  • Scan in barcode to bring up record (Persistent Search box: Physical titles – Barcode)
  • In the bibliographic record:
    • Add the 020 ISBN* of the added volume to the bibliographic record. Record a brief qualification enclosed in parentheses after each in 020 $q. (Note: if there are ISBNs present in the record representing manifestations that would normally require a separate record, ensure those other ISBNs are recorded as 020 $z canceled/invalid).
      *In the case of music resources: [Also] add the 024 ISMN (First Indicator=2) and the 028 Publisher or distributor number as applicable.
    • Update 505 Contents note: Add the new volume information as needed, if not already covered.
    • Confirm editor: If there has been a change in editor, make a note of it.
    • Confirm other elements as needed: Sometimes there are other aspects of the resource that are recorded, such as a 500 field tracking changes to "At head of title..." info -- update as needed. Compare against the master OCLC record in OCLC Connexion and copy&paste if/when helpful (so long as it matches your material in hand).
  • In the holdings record:
    • Confirm Leader, Type of Record = v : Multipart item holdings
    • Update the 866 field to reflect new added volume(s). Generally speaking, keep the spacing/formatting* consistent with whatever has already been established within the record, but tidy up the summarized holdings statement when possible and not too onerous. i.e. Separate different complex volumes/series numbering sequences onto separate 866 fields to add clarity; Condense summarized statements as gaps in numbering are filled.
      *Moving forward, adopting NISO standards and the use of no spaces may be the preferred format.

  • In the item record:
    • Update as appropriate, including copy ID, material type, item policy, enumeration and/or chronology. Be sure to click Generate description in cases of enumeration and/or chronology. Ensure the barcode has been entered correctly. Review the List of items to ensure consistency with previous volumes.
  • Presume the publication status is continuing and do not close off the Bib record. (Exception: if explicitly stated in the resource or accompanied by publisher's letter stating it to be the last volume, then follow additional steps below re. "When the last volume is received")
  • Remove any slips and process as appropriate (remember: item policy of “no circ” = label item FOR USE IN LIBRARY ONLY)
  • Print and add call number label
  • Scan in as Cataloguing “done"
  • Place on the end-processing truck for Access Services

When the last volume is received:

  1. Close off the Bib record:
  • complete the 300 field
  • close the dates in the 260/264
  • change the second date in the 008 from 9999 to the correct end date
  • check the 505 field, if present, and change the 1st Indicator to 0 and add final punctuation (period) as needed
  1. Close off the Holdings record:
  • ensure the Leader, Type of Record = v : Multipart item holdings
  • update the 866 field to reflect last volume
  • update the 008 Receipt Status to 2 : Completed, and the 008 Completeness code to 1 : Complete (if there is a gap in our holdings, then leave as 2 : Incomplete)

When an order is cancelled, neither an invoice nor inventory are expected. While we may "cancel" an order with a vendor, in Alma, if we have received and paid for inventory, we will close, not cancel, the PO/POL.

When an order is closed, all inventory has been received and the order is complete.

In Alma, if you cancel a POL that is the only order on that purchase order (including all migrated orders), Alma will delete the PO line’s inventory – both the holdings and the items – unless that inventory has been received or activated. If the POL has a bib and holdings record, but no items yet, cancelling the POL will delete the holdings record.

In contrast, when you close a POL, the holdings and items remain untouched.


Are you creating a new bibliographic record because of a title (or other) change?

Update the bibliographic and holdings records for the ceased title as appropriate. Create a new bibliographic record for the new title with holdings and inventory as appropriate

Advise to close the PO/POL for the ceased title; and that a new PO/POL is required for the new title.


Draft Nov.2/22/sfm - Process to be confirmed


When a new record is required (See Metadata supervisor, Serials - Draft procedure sf/6/23):

1. Create a new bibliographic record, etc. for the new title. ; Update bib and holdings for prev title

2. If purchased, close the POL of the previous title; create a new POL for the new title > Assign inventory manually (holdings will already have been created). Associate the POL's

3. Populate the POL for the new title as it was populated in the previous title


For announcements about significant forthcoming changes: i.e. title change, format change, cessation:

1. In the bibliographic record, add a field 588 regarding the forthcoming change. Include |5 CaBViV.

Example:  588 ## Beginning with v. 58 (2023) publication will change title to Australian Journal of English Education. ‡5 CaBViV

The note will be deleted when the record is later updated with issue in hand.

2. In the POL Receiving Note, add: Beginning with [enumeration (chronology)] publication will change title to [New serial title]. Route last issue of v. [ ] to Metadata Supervisor (Serials)

From CONSER Editing Guide 2016 (2020 update):

Notes containing other administrative information about the record.

CONSER may also use field 588 in records for the following:

  1. To record information from publishers about significant forthcoming changes.
  2. To record information about the bibliographic description considered useful to other catalogers.

    1. Recording information received from publishers about significant forthcoming changes.

Occasionally, a participant receives information from publishers about future changes such as changes in country of publication, resumption of suspended publications, or the fact that the serial will be discontinued.  The participant may use the 588 to convey this information to other users of the record.  The OCLC symbol for the institution is given at the end of the note.  At the time that the inputting institution or any other CONSER participant receives the issue reflecting the change, the record is updated and the note is removed.



To be issued in New York by Gordon & Breach beginning Jan. 1992. $5 DLC



Publication to be resumed by F&W Publications Inc. in Oct. 1999. $5 EZB

Quick Cataloguing (Circ-on-the-Fly)



Please see supervisor with any questions or assistance.


Whether changing item to another holding on the same bib or; changing item to another holding on a different bib:

From within the List of Items:

  • "Select" (by "ticking the box" ) the item to be "changed" to another holding
  • Under "Manage Selected" > choose "Change Holdings"
  • "List of Holdings" / Search box will appear. Search (if changing to another holding on a different bib) and/or Select  holding to change item to. (If you do not see the "radio button" to select, expand the second column.)
  • Confirm the item is now linked to correct holdings.


Replacements - for example when it's a new edition



Transfers Between Locations

B.C. Historical Textbooks transferred to Special Collections - Refer to the Curriculum section of the Libguide.

Record Deletions and Physical Discards

General - draft Oct. 26/22 Susan

Withdrawals - Alma documentation

Items with an attached POL:  The POL must be closed (or cancelled) before an item can be withdrawn and the holdings and bib records deleted.

Always check for COPPUL SPAN retention notes before deleting records:

  • In the bibliographic record: see field 583
  • On the "General" Tab > Inventory Information > Inventory number
  • In serial holdings records: see field 583 and/or |x in field 866
  • For deletions projects, always exclude records with a COPPUL SPAN note in field 583 of the bibliographic record.


TBD: In Physical Item Editor > "Notes" tab > Statistics Notes: How/when to use these fields for Analytics




Withdrawing a single physical item  (Thesis Digitization Project)

1. Search for the item: Physical items > Barcode. Scan Barcode

2. Click title to view the MARC record. Look for field 583 containing a COPPUL SPAN retention note.

If 583 note is present, set item aside and do not withdraw; if 583 note is not present, click BACK button and proceed.

3. Confirm record information matches item in hand. Confirm location and call number.

4. Under Row Actions > Select "Edit Item" to open the Physical Item Editor.

5. CHECK FOR COPPUL SPAN RETENTION NOTES: On the "General" Tab > Inventory Information > Inventory number

If retention note is present, set item aside and do not withdraw; if retention note is not present, click CANCEL button and proceed.

6. Under Row Actions > Select "Withdraw". A "Confirmation Message" will pop up. Click CONFIRM.

7. A "Last Item of this Holdings Deleted" message will pop up. Four options will be presented. Select the second option in the list: "Delete the holdings record" > Click GO.


See "Delete Bibliographic Records" job ; Withdraw Physical Items job


stamps/blacking out

privacy concerns / redaction (i.e. theses)


Draft/TBD/Susan/July 2023


Several projects to withdraw print serials based on JSTOR access and years of coverage have been carried out over the past 15-20 years. Historical documentation related to these past projects is located here:  W:\LTEC\Serials\Weeding & Transfer Projects\JSTOR

As titles continue to be added to the various JSTOR collections, as of 2023, the libraries' current policy is to withdraw print serials when online access via JSTOR is confirmed, EXCEPT when the print serial has been marked for retention. Always check the bibliographic record for a 583 retention note before withdrawing serial items.




URL Checking

[*For future content creation*]


Batch Editing

link to Alma documentation on Jobs and Sets 

Indication rules


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