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Collection Management Services

Alma Collection Management Services Workflow

The following outlines (in general terms) how resources move through various departments in Alma.

Physical Workflow - Monographs

  1. Material is Ordered by Acquisitions [More detail to come]
  2. Material is Received by Acquisitions:
    1. From the "Receive" Screen in Alma:
      • Make sure you are on the One Time tab
      • This will list all resources that have been ordered and are waiting to be received
    2. Search for the title you want to receive
    3. Once you've found the appropriate title:
      • Tick the checkbox to the left of the title listing
      • If it needs to go to Metadata for Cataloguing - select "Keep in Department" at the top of the page and choose "Cataloguing" from the drop down list
      • If it needs to go to Metadata for Rush Cataloguing - select "Keep in Department" at the top of the page and choose "Rush Cataloguing" from the drop down
      • If the title is Shelf Ready and does NOT need to go to Cataloguing - select "Shelf Ready" instead of "Keep in Department" at the top of the page
      • If the title is Shelf Ready but still needs to go to Metadata due to a Shelf Ready problem - select "Keep in Department" at the top of the page and choose "Shelf Ready Problems" from the drop down
      • With the resource you are receiving still ticked and the correct value(s) chosen from the tick boxes / drop downs at the top of the page, click on Receive at the top of the page
  3. If the material is Shelf-Ready  and bypasses the Metadata Unit - place on the shelf/truck for Access Services to pick up
  4. If the material is NOT shelf ready - place it on the shelf for Cataloguing, the Shelf-Ready Problem Shelf, or the Rush Cataloguing Shelf in Metadata
  5. At this point - the Item will have an appropriate Status in Alma (and Primo) - either In Transit if moving directly to Access Services or Technical Services if passing on to Metadata.
  6. NOTE: only records with Items can be assigned Work Order Statuses
  7. If you did not receive the item and select "Keep in Department" and want to change the status manually go to Fulfillment --> Scan In Items. Select "Cataloguing" (or other category) from the drop down and scan in the barcode
  1. Taking the item from the cataloguing shelf, Shelf-Ready problem shelf, or the Rush shelf, catalogue the material
  2. When finished cataloguing go to "Fulfillment -> Scan In Items"
  3. Next to Done select Yes
  4. Scan in the Item Barcode
  5. The Status in Alma and Primo will now say "In Transit"
  6. Place the item on the cart for Access Services pick up
Access Services
  1. Pick up material from Acquisitions or Metadata
  2. If picking up the material from Metadata, stamp and tattle tape
  3. Before Shelving "Scan In Item" and next to Done select Yes
  4. Status in Alma and Primo will change from "In Transit" to "awaiting shelving" or similar. This will automatically change to "Item in Place" or similar message after a few hours


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