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Items with Supplementary Material

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Laura and Glenda

Processing Information

General Processing Information

The last step before sending items for processing, will be scanning in the item. Refer to the Item - Scan In Item section for the procedure.


[Still to be added: links to library/location/format specific guidance]



Current receipt of print serials

1. Open packaged serial. Always keep package with serial until item has been received and processed.

2. Search for item in Alma. Confirm bibliographic information matches item in hand. Watch for title changes, etc.

3. Read and follow any processing notes. Processing notes are always noted in upper case. A comprehensive list of standardized processing notes can be found on the W-drive > LTEC > Serials > PROCESSING NOTES 2019

4. If BARCODE processing note is present: Create item record and add barcode, enumeration/chronology to item record. (*Process TBD: see below)

5. Watch for serial S/O's: Match item in hand with invoice before receiving. (*Process TBD: see below)

6. Affix call number label as appropriate (hand printed label - black ink only for items located in the McPherson - affixed in upper right corner for most periodicals; machine printed label on lower spine or lower left corner for most other serials.)

7. Property stamp or gutter stamp as appropriate

8. Route for pick up by Stack Maintenance staff

9. For items not found in Alma:  See "Unsolicited Folder"  on the W-drive > LTEC > Serials 

10. Route any questions, record update requests, etc. to Metadata supervisor (serials) or


*Current receipt of print serials: item record/barcode required

???In Acquisitions > Receive >  Receive New Material. Choose Continuous Tab: Search for title in hand. Check for "Receiving note". Click ellipses > Receive. : Click "Receiving Note" to view. For serials with a receiving note of "BARCODE": Click "Duplicate". Edit. Confirm item details. Click generate. Click Receive and Set Barcodes > Scan in Barcode and SUBMIT; Add Call number, property stamp, process and send to stacks???

Current Policy: Create items for material that is published annually or less frequently; Unless directed, DO NOT create item records for periodical material. For holdings, see summary holdings expressed in field 866, second indicator zero.

"Receiving note" is pulled from the POL





Frequently Used Processing Notes
Note Action/Information
[XXX] IN BASEMENT COMPACT SHELVING A portion of the holdings are located in BCS; Add blue dot if applicable    
ADD BCS BLUE DOT TO ISSUES All items located in BCS, except "Z" classed, require a blue dot (affix near/on call number label)
ANALYZED SERIAL           Add item to serial holdings; process and send to cataloguing
DO NOT MARK OR STAMP. FILL IN PROCESSING FORM 1 Note added to all SCUA serial holdings
JSTOR Print backfile discarded; discard current issues covered by moving wall

The Music and Media Unit is responsible for the processing of most Music and Media material.  This includes: soft bound scores, CDs, DVDs, Curric Collection kits, and other various Music and Media material.  The metal shelves on Pillar D-9 (to the right of our processing area) have been designated and labelled to act as a holding bay for items requiring Music and Media processing.

Hard bound scores without parts (i.e. do not require the creation of pockets, etc.) are placed on the truck for regular processing.

For scores, print call number in pencil on title page verso.

For sound recordings, include accession number on post-it note or paper with call number visible inserted in container.

Upon completion of cataloguing, place any material requiring Music and Media processing directly onto the designated shelves of Pillar D-9.  Music and Media staff will periodically check and pick up from the designated shelves.

RUSH for Music and Media processing:

  • email , to let M&M know there is a RUSH processing item awaiting pick-up.

Binding and Repair Information

In house

- options



- no longer do this (Acquisitions in charge of this workflow now)



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