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Collection Management Services

Information on Collection Management Services and Operations

LibGuide Introduction

Welcome to the LibGuide for the Metadata Unit of UVic Libraries. This is a public space that provides information, training, background, local policy decisions, and other types of information relevant to Metadata Unit work.

Certain documentation related to Metadata Unit work will still be maintained elsewhere.

The "W" network drive will continue to be used occasionally: primarily for project documentation and associated files - including cross-unit projects such as COPPUL Span.

The Metadata Unit Connect site will continue to be used for Metadata Unit HR policy and administrative documents, unit meeting agendas and notes, some project-specific documentation, and other information that we may deem for internal use (as opposed to public like this LibGuide). 

MIcrosoft Teams will continue to be used for internal communication, working copies of documentation, and temporary documents and policy but not for finalized policies, procedures, and other documents (those would reside on Connect or here on the LibGuide).

Digital collections metadata documentation will reside on a separate LibGuide - currently in process of being developed.




  • Body text should be 14 point Arial.


  • Section Headings within Boxes Should be Heading 4
  • All boxes should be created as Tabbed Boxes : with the first tab always named "introduction."
  • Indicate Revision information at the TOP of the piece of discrete documentation.
  • For procedures: indicate "Last revised: Date (Initials)"   Date in ISO-8601 format -  YYYY-MM-DD ;  in 10 point Arial, italics
    • example. Last revised: 2022-04-21 (DS)


Other Instruction

If you wish to add a placeholder for documentation in the LibGuide, add it in square brackets with asterisks before and after the text. Example: [* For further consideration ...*]




Creative Commons License
This work by The University of Victoria Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise indicated when material has been used from other sources.