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UVic Library Search Help

Tips for using the Library Search interface at the University of Victoria Libraries.

Pin Sources in My Favorites

To keep track of sources so you can return to them later, use the Pin Sources tool.

To use this tool, sign in to your Library Search Account, which is found on Library Search's homepage. Then click on the push pin located in the top right corner of any item record as pictured below.

Screenshot shows a record preview with an arrow pointing to the push pin icon located at the top right of the record box

Alternatively, you can select a number of items and save them as a group using the push pin icon located at the top of your search results. 

Screenshot shows multiple records selected on a search results page (checkboxes to the top right of each record box). The push pin icon is circled at the top right of the screen, next to a message that says you have selected 3 records.

Access your Saved Items

To view all saved sources, click the push pin located near the top right corner of the Library Search page. 

Screenshot of the Library Search home page, with the push pin icon at the top right of the menu circled

Organize Your Saved Items

With all of your sources saved in My Favourites, you can easily sort and tag each item with one or more labels. Labels can be any word, phrase, or combination of characters. For instance, if you are a student, you might want to tag articles with a course code. 

To tag a source, click Add Labels. 

Screenshot of the My Favourites page, with the Add Labels button at the bottom of the first record summary circled

To add additional labels to a saved record or to remove a label, click the pencil icon. 

Screenshot of the My Favourites page, which now has labels at the bottom of the first record summary. The pencil icon to the right of these labels is circled.

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