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UVic Library Search Help

Tips for using the Library Search interface at the University of Victoria Libraries.

Newspaper Search

Library Search's dedicated newspaper search engine allows you to search through a collection of online newspaper articles from a wide variety of newspapers. Newspaper articles are excluded from Library Search's basic and advanced search engines, so you will need to use the Newspaper Search in order to locate newspaper articles.

Begin by clicking the Newspaper button on the right-side of the top-level menu in Library Search.

Screenshot shows the top-level menu in Library Search, with the Newspaper link on the right side circled

Type in your search phrase into the search box and click enter.

Use the filters on the left-side menu to refine your search further. Filtering options include availability, publication date, subject terms, and language (note: you may have to be signed in for these filters to appear). 

Screenshot shows the result page of a newspaper search for the query "forest fires BC." Screenshot highlights the filtering meu on the left-side of the page

Results are displayed in a short record format with the availability indicated at the bottom. Most items will be listed as Available Online.

Screenshot shows the short record for newspaper article with "Available Online" circled at the bottom of the record.

Click the Available Online link to see all access points to the article. Clicking any of the links underneath "Full text availability" will lead to the full article.

Some items may be listed as No Online Access - these items can be requested through an interlibrary loan. To view readily available online items only, select the Full Text Online filter from the left-side menu.

Screenshot of the Full Text Online filter selected underneath the Availability heading

Searching for Entire Newspapers or Microfilm

To search for entire newspapers, or for microfilm held at a physical UVic Library, you will need to use the Journal Title search instead of the Newspaper Search, which only searches for digital articles. Click the Journal Search link in the top-level menu in Library Search. 

Screenshot shows top-level menu in Library Search, with the Journal Search link in the middle of the menu highlighted

Enter the title of the newspaper into the search bar and hit enter. The short record of the item will either include an Available Online link, a link that indicates the physical item's availability, location, and call number, or it could show you both if the newspaper is available both online and in microfilm. 

Screenshot shows short record for the Times-colonist newspaper, which has both "Available at Mearns McPherson Library Microfilm - Microforms, Lower Level (AN5 T5)" and "Available Online" linked at the bottom.

For online items, click the Available Online link to view all access points. For physical items, note down the call number and location before you head into the library.

For more guidance on which newspaper is best suited for your discipline, check out UVic's Recommended Newspaper Databases.

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