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Information about using the University of Victoria's institutional repository, UVicSpace

Begin your submission

To submit your thesis to the ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) collection, complete these steps. If you need help, email

Create a new item

  • Go to
  • Log In.
  • In the black sidebar menu on the left of the screen, click + --> New --> Item.
    • If you don't see the sidebar menu, double check that you're logged in.
    • If you don't see the + icon, confirm that GARO has added you to the ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) collection. Review the instructions in Before you deposit.
  • In the search bar that pops up, start typing ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations), then click on that collection when it appears.

Complete the submission form

  • Authors
    Enter your last name, first name.
    • Ignore the grey circle in the Last Name box and the Search and Edit buttons on the right.
    • Do not enter your supervisor's name here.
  • Title
    Enter the title of your thesis in headline case: Capitalize the Major Words in the Title.

  • Alternative Titles (OPTIONAL)
    If your thesis has multiple titles, such as a translated title, click + Add more and enter the additional title.

  • Date of Issue
    Enter the copyright year on the title page of your thesis.

  • Degree
    Select your degree from the dropdown menu.

  • Language
    Select the primary language for your thesis.

  • Keywords
    Enter one or more keywords or phrases that describe your thesis. To add more than one, click + Add more.

  • Abstract
    Copy and paste the abstract from your thesis.
    • Special characters and formatting may not appear correctly: the submission form uses plain text.
    • Extra line breaks can be deleted.
  • Bibliographic Citation (OPTIONAL)
    If any part of your thesis has been published before (e.g., you published one chapter of it as a journal article), enter the citation for each publication in a separate box.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not enter your bibliography or reference list here!
  • Department
    Select your department from the dropdown menu.

  • Supervisor(s)
    Enter your supervisor's name. To add a co-supervisor, click + Add more.
    • Do not enter your second reader's name here.
  • Rights
    Select Available to the World Wide Web.

  • Scholarly Level
    Select Graduate.

  • Type
    Select Thesis.


Upload files

  • Click browse in the box at the top of the screen or drag and drop the file anywhere on the page.
    • If your thesis includes more than one file, repeat this process for all files.
    • If you get an error message when uploading a file, click Save for later. Click Edit to reopen the submission form and try uploading it again.
      • If the file is very large, try compressing it.
      • If you're trying to upload several files at once, try uploading them one at a time.
      • If you're still getting an error, click Save for later and wait a while before trying again. Connection speeds and bandwidth imitations can cause upload errors.
  • Add a withholding date (OPTIONAL)
    See Before you deposit for information about withholding your thesis. If you did not request to withhold your thesis, skip this step. 

If you have a signed Withholding Form, enter the withholding date. IMPORTANT: If you are uploading more than one file, you must enter the withholding date for each file.

  • Click the pencil icon.

An uploaded item record in a UVicSpace submission form. The edit icon has a red box around it.

  • Under Access condition type, select embargo from the dropdown menu.

The Access condition type dropdown menu in a UVicSpace submission form, with embargo selected.

  • Use the calendar button in the Grant access from field to select the withhold expiry date + 2 days (e.g., if the withhold expiry date is January 15, select January 17).

The Grant access from calendar pop-up in a UVicSpace submission form, with February 1st, 2025 highlighted as an example.

  • Click Save. Confirm that the embargo until box shows the date that the thesis should become openly available (i.e., 1 day after the withholding period expires).

An uploaded item entry in a UVicSpace submission form, with an embargo label reading "embargo until 2025-01-31" highlighted in a red box.

  • Creative Commons license (OPTIONAL)
    If you included a Creative Commons license on your title page, add the same license here.
    • IMPORTANT: If you did not include a Creative Commons license on your title page, skip this step. Do not choose CC0–this indicates that your thesis is in the public domain. 
    • To add a Creative Commons license,
      • select Creative Commons and answer the questions. The link to your license will appear.
      • Ensure that it matches the license on your title page, then click I grant the license above.
  • Deposit license
    Read the UVicSpace non-exclusive distribution license, then click I confirm the license above.


Complete the submission

  • Review the information you entered carefully and make any changes, if needed.
  • Confirm that you have uploaded the final version of your thesis and that you have followed the instructions in the Thesis format checklist carefully. 
    • If you need to make changes to the file you uploaded or if you uploaded the wrong file, click the red trashcan icon --> Yes, I'm sure. You can then upload the correct file.
  • Click + Deposit.
Creative Commons License
This work by The University of Victoria Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise indicated when material has been used from other sources.