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A guide for finding philosophy resources in UVic Libraries.

Philosophy of Popular Culture Series

UVic Libraries holds the entire Philosophy of Popular Culture series!  Click on a cover to view the book in our catalogue, where you can text yourself the call number or place a hold if the book is already checked out.


These E-book collections are recommended for finding appropriate resources in Philosophy.

LC Classification - Philosophy

B Philosophy (General)
    B1–8 Periodicals
    B41–52 General Reference Works
    B53–67 "Theory. Method. Scope"
        B720–765 Medieval Philosophy
        B770–785 Renaissance Philosophy
        B790–4695 Modern Philosophy
            B791–804 General Works
            B808–843 Special Topics
            B851–945 United States
            B981–995 Canada
            B1001–1084 Latin America
            B1801–2430 France
            B2521–3396 Germany & Austria
            B3501–3515 Modern Greece
            B3551–3656 Italy
            B3801–4175 The Netherlands & Belgium
            B4201–4279 Russia
            B4301–4495 Scandinavia
            B4511–4598 Spain & Portugal
            B4625–4651 Switzerland
            B4681–4695 Other European Countries
BC Logic
BD Speculative Philosophy
BH Aesthetics
BJ Ethics

LC Classification - Other areas of interest

Philosophy and/of ________.
AZ 101         The Humanities
BF 41-50       Psychology
BL 51          Religion
BP 595         Anthroposophy
BT 40-50       Theology
CB 19          Civilization
CN 40          Epigraphy
D 16.7-9       History
G 70           Geography
GF 21          Human ecology
GN 405         Cultural relativism
GN 470         Primitive philosophy
GV 342         Athletics
GV 706         Sports
GV 1507.P43    Philosophical recreations
H 61           Social sciences
HB 71-71       Economics
HM 26-33       Sociology
K 201-487      Law
LB 2386        Doctor of philosophy degree
ML 3800-3920   Music
N 61-79        Art
P 101-105      Language
P 151-295      Grammar
PN 45          Literature
PN 49          Philosophy in literature
PN 6231.P47    Philosophy - Humor
PR 2986        William Shakespeare
Q 173-5        Science
Q325           Conscious automata
QA 9           Mathematics
QA 269         Game theory
QC 6           Physics
QH 323.5       Statistical biology
QH 331         Biology
QH 361         Evolution
R 723-725      Medicine
T 14           Technology

Religious Philosophy
BL 240.2       Religion and Science
BL 2700-2790   Rationalism in Religion
BP 134.P5      Koran and Philosophy
BQ 282         Buddhism - History -- Philosophy
BQ 4040        Buddhism - Philosophy
BQ 4440        Buddhism - Knowledge, theory of
BR 100-110     Christianity - Philosophy
BT 98-108      God, Proof of

Psychological Philosophy
BF 41-47       Philosophy of Psychology
BF 81-109      History, Origins of Psychology
BF 110-118     Early works through 1850
BF 121-149     Works 1850 -
BF 150-171     Mind and Body
BF 199         Behaviorism
BF 203         Gestalt
BF 204.5       Phenomenological psychology
BF 309-315     Cognition
BF 467-475     Time. Space. Causality.
BF 608-628     Will. Determinism.
QP 376-426     Brain/physiology and psychology
QP 411         Consciousness

Topics in Ethics
HQ 767.15      Abortion, Moral and Legal aspects
HM 131         Social interaction
HM 216         Social ethics
HV 4701-4759   Treatment of animals
K 3611.T7      Organ donation - Law and Legislation
KF 3823        Sick - Legal status
LC 268-269     Moral education
Q 155.3.E      Eugenics - Ethical aspects
QH 332         Bioethics
QH 442         Genetic engineering - Social aspects
R 726          Euthanasia
R 850-853      Medical research - Moral aspects
R 854-855      Medical technology - Economic aspects
RA 410.53      Medical care - Cost -- Moral aspects
RA 1067        Abortion
TD 171-178     Environmental ethics
TP 248.3       Genetic engineering

Ethics of _______.
BF 47-50       Psychology
GN 33.6        Anthropology
HB 835         Wealth
HF 5386-91     Business
HV 7924        Police
K 123          Legal ethics
LB 1779        Teaching
NA 1995        Architecture
PN 154         Literature
PN 2056        Professional acting
PN 4797        Journalism
R 723-727      Medicine
RC 455.2.E8    Psychotherapy
RS 100.5       Pharmacy
RT 85          Nursing
TA 157         Engineering
U 22           Military

Political Theory
D 16.9         Historical materialism
HB 97.5        Marxian economics
HB 501         Capitalism
HM 33-36       Political science and Sociology
HX 533         Communism and Philosophy
JA 71-84       Political philosophy
JC 11-126      Pre-modern political theory
JC 71          Greek political theory
JC 131-300     Modern political theory
JC 301-497     Forms of the State
JC 327         Sovereignty
JC 336         Social contract
JC 500-561     Purpose, function of the state
JC 571-628     The State and the Individual
JC 571-574     Authority. Individualism.
JC 575-578     Equality. Justice.
JC 585-599     Liberty
JK 1751-1788   Political ethics - Citizenship

Philosophical Bibliography
Z696.U5.B1    Library of Congress classification for Philosophy
Z 5000-7999    Bibliographies and Reference Guides (by subject)
Z 8000-8999    Bibliographies and References Guides (by individual A - Z

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