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Alma/Primo VE Training and Communications

A guide to internal training and communications resources for the Alma/Primo migration project @ UVic Libraries

Known Issues with Electronic Records

If you want more information, contact

Issue Status

Conference Board of Canada

MARC records are loaded but the links are leading to a strange page with CSS? Example here

Another problem is if you copy and paste a working page from CBoC, the user gets a 502 Bad Gateway Example here


Our Primo records don't lead to the resources and our emailed links to users, even if it works for us, don't always work for the user


If can direct the user to go into the Conference Board of Canada website through our DoD and search the item title to get access. The 502 Gateway error might be fixed by clearing cache or refreshing the page

13 Mar 23

Dunno. Can't find working direct links from CBoC or from other libraries. May be a temporary error? KC to email CBoC and check.

Stale Gale links

~36,000 loaded records have an old link to Gale resources. The old URL usually contains "" but there are some variations that also don't work. 


When one of these links is clicked, it leads to "The connection was reset" or Unavailable. Example here


We still have access to this. Find which Gale collection the item is in and search directly in Gale. To find the collection, look at the source record and the 960 field. Find the collection on the Databases page and search the required title.

22 Feb 23

NA sent info to cats@ for replacement 



Proxy Problem Related to Zotero

Some proxy problems have been caused by a feature in the citation manager Zotero.

Zotero helps by adding the proxy to all links from a site, but sometimes that proxy is incorrect or just doesn't resolve correctly.

If you are able to access the content but the user is not, ask them to try their browser in incognito or private mode. (See: Troubleshooting - Useful Tools)

If that solves the problem, clearing the cache and cookies should fix it. (See: Troubleshooting - Useful Tools)

Here are instructions from Zotero

Another solution is to make sure the user has the latest version of Zotero installed.

13 Feb 23

This affected many users over many platforms. Zotero has fixed this and may require users updating to newest version of Zotero

Why is this Irwin Law title not working / not in the catalogue?

The links to Irwin Law collection through desLibris no longer work, and are not on the Canada Commons site. Search the vLex site or look for the title in the KBART
Also Irwin Law Collection in Alma may be missing some titles that we have access to, mainly titles in Irwin Law Archive. The search in vLex might not find the book. Look for the title in the KBART

PP Oct 2022

The site to download a KBART file for the Irwin Law eLibrary (Current and Archive): 
You can use the download function in the top right so select both the Irwin Law and Archive collections and it will download a KBART file for you.

Use this to check for an Irwin Law title not yet in Alma.


update Mar 27, 2023

ExL responded they are still trying to contact vendor

Oct 29, 2022

DA submitted case and looking into Archives discovery

Palgrave Springer Ebook Collections

Uvic Libraries has access to all the Palgrave ebook collection. When Springer Nature acquired Palgrave McMillan they moved hosting to the Springer platform and made redirects from the old URLs ( so they arrived at the correct book on the Springer platform ( Those redirects are no longer in place.

Acquisitions will work on cleaning up the records but there are some complications and to ensure discovery of our entitled books this project will take time and we do not have an estimated time of completion.


While that is in process there will be duplicate records and links to "Page Not Found". We have access to these books though, and there are few ways to find it.


1. From the "Page Not Found", click the top left Springer logo to get to the home page. Search for the title and it should come up.

2. Search the title in Primo. There should be a result that has "Download PDF" and "Read Online". These will give access even if the link in "Available Online" doesn't.

3. Search the title in Primo and click into the record. If there are multiple entries for Full Text Availability, the one that starts with "Springer Global Palgrave Book Archive" will be the correct link.

UPDATE 23 Feb 23

If the collection is not working, go to the Electronic Service Editor. Change the parser to:


And the Parser parameters to:

url= & url2= & code= & shib= & u_shib=&

The links will now work and we have extra time to compare the collections have the same # of portfolios


23 Feb 23

PP has found a solution. Requires changing collection Service linking parameters.

October 7, 2022

Plan for cleanup is in development




If you want more information, contact

Issue Status

Emerald Journals

We have purchased the Archives, the Management 210, and others. The CZ collection for the Emerald Backfiles have incorrect coverage statements. Access should only be up to 2006

We have also lost access to some of this backfile content.

Feb22: Our purchase was of select Backfile titles so we will have to select titles from the CZ collection to match our entitlements.


Primo says we have articles we don't, and we don't have access to some articles we should



22 Feb 23

DA has updated CZ with correct titles.

Titles from Collection JSTOR Ebooks

Ebooks purchased through GOBI are activated in JSTOR Ebooks, which do not have direct links.


Leads to a Page not Found


The link can be found in the "display record" option in the 856 or you can search the title in the JSTOR platform.

Oct 13, 2022

Will investigate if GOBI can use "JSTOR Unlimited and DDA titles" collection instead, or if parameters can be set up in the "JSTOR Ebooks" collection.

URLs are added after ordering so should not encounter these

April 23, 2024

GOBI is creating a local IZ portfolio with incorrect link. Go into CZ and activate correct title, then move order over to it, and ask  supervisor to delete incorrect portfolio & record.

Miscellaneous eBooks

The collection Miscellaneous eBooks was activated during migration but I don't think we have access to any of these 3261 titles.

Sept 6

The collection (61291157870007291) has been deleted

Missing Titles

There are some records where the title shows as : or :/


Looks weird in Alma, but the books should be represented elsewhere on the Primo side. If not, look in the Source Record and the title will be in the 245

July 19


Academic Complete records

Proquest Academic Compete titles mapped as eBook Central Perpetual and DDA Titles so we can't differentiate titles we've purchased and titles that are in Academic Complete and might fall out of the package.


Unable to tell which Ebook Central books we purchased and which books are leased

July 7

 awaiting answer from exL

July 8

ExL confirmed AC titles are all in the other collection. Can be differentiated in Alma with a filter but PPang investigating how to tell from Primo

Aug 8

Can be filtered in Alma with "ProQuest Purchase Model" in advanced title search


Some providers need UVic specific URL, which has to be configured manually. We have a list and are working through it.


If it hasn't been configured yet, the link will be broken and lead to login/no access page.


Go through the Databases A-Z list to find the working link

For Gale databases replace [loc_id] with uvictoria

July 7


JSTOR entitlements

Related to the rolling wall problem, most JSTOR portfolios are incorrectly. For example 19th-century music says "Available from 01/07/1977. Most recent 4 year(s) available." but it should say "Available from 01/07/1977. Most recent 4 year(s) not available."


Articles we can't access will show up as full text available


See if it is in another collection we have and if not, suggest ILL

July 5

in progress.Sent message to ExL. PPang to do set and job change?

July 6

ExL said not to change anything and they will look into it

July 8

ExL has corrected the problem. We still need to verify.

Rolling wall/Embargo

Rolling walls in Serials Solutions came over flipped in Alma, for example entitlements 1940-6 years ago shows in Alma as 6 years ago-present


Articles we can't access will show up as full text available


See if it is in another collection we have and if not, suggest ILL

July 5

in progress.Sent message to ExL. PPang to do set and job change?

July 8

ExL has corrected the problem. We still need to verify.

local portfolio proxy

I still have to run a job to enable proxy for local electronic portfolios. If an off campus user reports problems authenticating, give them the proxy prefix to add in front of their URL


Available Online but not

Initial search suggests we have full text access to this article but when you click in, there are no available links. Alma shows we do not have this title, and it should not show in discovery as available.,contains,Movements,%20Moments,%20and%20Museums%20Melanie%20Adams%20;%20Kayleigh%20Bryant-Greenwell&tab=LIBALL&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&vid=01VIC_INST:01UVIC&offset=0


Direct to ILLO. 

12 July/23

ExL has fixed this

Aug 17/22

submitted ticket

Gale Databases

Direct linking to some Gale articles is not working.


Leads to a "Technical Difficulties" page


you should still be able to find the article by searching the journal title and then search for the article within the Gale platform

July 13


Duplicate JSTOR records

The collections JSTOR [name and Western Arabic numeral] Current and JSTOR [name and roman numeral] are both activated and seem identical except JSTOR [name and Western Arabic numeral] Current uses print ISSNs and the bibliographic records are sparse.

Possible the problem is from the 360Link 1-to-many process. Migration added extra portfolios to Current collection when it should just be a select few titles from the Roman numeral collection. Those local portfolios in a CZ collection were system-created.


Duplicate records which may cause confusion and one of the duplicates does not have correct coverage information.

July 12/23

This seems fixed now

July 11/22

Need to decide if the Current collections can be deactivated and the implications. 

July 13/22

asked ExL is there is an easy way to identify and deactivate these

Locally loaded records duplicated with brief CZ records

Titles that were previously marked as no 360 MARC (we did not want a bib record from Serials Solutions) came over as active so there are duplicate records.

July 12/23

added to CleanupReports Spreadsheet

July 7/22

awaiting answer from exL

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