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Alma/Primo VE Training and Communications

A guide to internal training and communications resources for the Alma/Primo migration project @ UVic Libraries

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See the Calendar tab for schedule of topics and Weekly Homework tab for related resources.

Date Room Topic Learning Outcomes Resources
Aug 9 210 Activate a single eBook title
  • be able to search the community zone and find appropriate portfolio
  • be able to activate a portfolio that is not linked to a POL
  • be able to activate a portfolio that is linked to a POL
Aug  210

OpenURL and Link Resolver

I'd like to talk more about OpenURL and link resolver, and show an example of how to update. 

  • know the difference between what a proxy does and what a link resolver does
  • review how a link resolver works
  • be able to check for a link resolver base URL on a vendor's website



August 9th




Month Date Room Topic Learning Outcomes
March 15 Zoom

Initial meeting

Goals of training

Quick look at Sandbox

  • what is the electronic resources life cycle
  • role of the electronic resources team
  22 no meeting



  29 Zoom

Electronic Resource Management Overview video discussion

  • history of electronic resources
April 4 no meeting Catch-up  
  12 209 What is a knowledge base pt. 1
  19 210 KB pt. 2
  • understand the 3 zones in Alma and relation to current workflow
  • learn about vocabulary related to the Community Zone
  26 210

KB pt. 3

  • types of electronic journal purchases
    • what are entitlements
  • know where to find our entitlement
  • understand different journal purchase options affect access to past issues
  • understand perpetual access vs. entitlements
May 3 209 (210 busy)

KB pt. 4

What are journal title changes and why should you care

  • how to find title history information
  • when to submit a case to represent title changes
  • understand how title and publisher changes affect how a journal looks in the knowledge base
May 10  

KB pt. 5 Title Transfers

What happens when a journal changes publishers?

  • where to find information on  a journal's publisher history
  • tips on how to identify a title change
  • how publisher changes look in the knowledge base
  • perpetual access options when a title changes publishers
  • what is a dark archive
May 17 209

What is Discovery pt. 1

Primo + CDI

  • know the difference between knowledge base and discovery
  • understand Abstracts and Indexes
  • active/inactive status
  24 210

Discovery pt. 2

Linking Technologies


  30 Acq Ordering online continuations
  31 Acq ordering print & online continuations
  31 210 Check-in
June 7   tech freeze cancelled
  14 219 COUNTER and SUSHI
  • admin log in to find usage stats
  • what are COUNTER reports
  • what is SUSHI and where do we get credentials
  • where to add SUSHI info in Alma
  21 209 cancelled  
  28   Go Live!
  • P2E process
    • where is the list of what we sent?
    • how did we determine which were electronic portfolios and databases?
    • and what we will have to clean up in the next few months
  • 360 Link Resolver migration
    • where is the list of what we sent?
    • what do the different tabs mean?
    • common esourcehelp problems that might come up
      • custom coverage dates
      • Proxy
  • project plan?
July 5    
  • How to tackle documentation
  • Best Practices
  • workflow discussion


Please watch or read before the date indicated and bring any questions to next session. Note vocabulary or concepts you would like more information or explanation about.

March 15

March 22

April 12

Catch-up on previous videos and watch Getting to Know Alma series

April 19th

We watched these two together during our session. Please rewatch The Three Zones for some additional info at the end.

In addition, here are some more videos about the Community Zone that was not previously assigned and we did not watch in the session.

April 26

First half of this video (KBART) (38 min.)

May 3


May 10

2nd part of this video (Transfers) (20 min.)

May 17

Transforming Discovery - Data Intelligence and the Central Discovery Index (CDI) (1 min.)

Liibrary Perspectives (2 min.)

May 25th

May 31

What is an API? I will play a short section during training. The Real Time Ordering section may be useful as well if you are interested in watching it

June 15



Required User Roles in Alma

If your Alma account doesn't have a function required, go into User Details and scroll down to your User Roles to make sure you have the correct role.

Order and Activation Process

  • Electronic Inventory Operator
  • Electronic Inventory Operator Extended (works with above and adds ability to delete operations)
  • Repository Manager
  • *Purchasing Operator or Purchasing Manager (require to create and edit POs and POLs)

Additional Roles

  • *Trial Manager or Trial Operator
  • *Invoice Operator


  • *License Manager
  • *License Viewer
  • Selector Rialto
  • *Purchasing Operator
  • *Purchasing Manager

Contact your team lead or supervisor if a required is missing.

* included in Acq profile

Alma Essentials

Only watch these after completing the Getting to Know Alma Series

These videos are required viewing for Electronic Resources Training. They provide an overview of structure and function.

Electronic resources management workflow videos

These videos are required viewing for Electronic Resources Training. They contain detailed examples and workflow steps.

Recommended webinars

Links and Information

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