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Alma/Primo VE Training and Communications

A guide to internal training and communications resources for the Alma/Primo migration project @ UVic Libraries


This was Sue Bengtson's guide. I am transferring ownership so Sue's account can be closed. I'm also making it private, since this definitely doesn't need to be public-facing.

TBD whether this guide still has utility 1.5 years post-migration. If so, determine appropriate ownership. If not, delete.

(If you are reading this note and have insight into what should happen with this guide, let me know).

- Caitlin Keenan, Dec 1, 2023

Big changes are taking place at Uvic Libraries!  We are migrating to Alma, a new Library Services Platform, and a new discovery search interface called Primo VE on June 28, 2022. 


What's changing?

Navigating this once-in-a-generation improvement is exciting and the project is moving quickly. Here's what will be changing: 

  • Alma Library Services Platform (LSP) will replace Voyager ILS (integrated library system)
  • Primo VE will replace Summon as our discovery layer
  • Leganto will replace ARES as our course reading system in September 2023.

The UVic Alma/Primo VE project team is working hard with the Ex Libris Implementation Team to learn about and customize Alma/Primo VE for UVic Libraries.

This guide is intended to bring together library updates, training materials, and everything you need to know to navigate this once-in-a-generation transition. 

Major differences

Voyager Alma
Desktop-based software Cloud-based library services platform (LSP) that is accessed via internet
Separate modules Unified platform, permissions are tied to user roles
Local management of hardware, software, and upgrades Updated quarterly via Cloud
Designed for print collections  Better workflows for managing electronic and digital collections
Voyager dates from 1999 and is nearing end of life Modern platform, interface and enhanced usablity
Limited inter-operability with new systems Improved inter-operablity between systems
Analytic reporting required Access skills  Powerful analytics module accessible to most users (with appropriate user roles)


 Voyager simple mapping



Alma and Primo VE simple mapping

Known Issues

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