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Gender Studies - A Welcome to the Library for Gender Studies Students

This guide offers an introduction to all Gender Studies students, including everything from how to find resources to searching for journal articles and using UVic Libraries' databases.

Gender Studies and Development

Curation in progress.  In the meantime, below are few suggestions.

1. Cover Image Opening doors: gender equality and development in the Middle East North Africa 
by The World Bank 
In the last two decades, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has closed many critical gender gaps, especially in ensuring equal... 
2. Cover Image Gender dimensions of investment climate reform: a guide for policy makers and practitioners 
by Simavi, Sevi Manuel, Clare 
Promoting women's economic empowerment is increasingly seen as one of the most important driving forces behind economic growth and the fig... 
3. Cover Image Equality for women: where do we stand on Millennium Development Goal 3? 
by Buvinić, Mayra 
There is compelling evidence of the importance of gender equality for poverty reduction and sustainable growth. So it should come as no su... 
4. Cover Image Gender and macroeconomic policy 
by Nallari, Raj Griffith, Breda 
This report aims to show how macroeconomic policies create differential opportunities for women and men. This volume comprises nine chapte... 
5. Cover Image Voice and agency: empowering women and girls for shared prosperity 
by Klugman, Jeni 
Despite recent advances in important aspects of the lives of girls and women, pervasive challenges remain. These challenges reflect widesp... 
6. Cover Image Girls' education in the 21st century: gender equality, empowerment, and economic growth 
by Tembon, Mercy Fort, Lucia 
Gender equality is not just a women's issue, it is a development issue. Women's economic empowerment is essential for economic development... 
7. Cover Image On norms and agency: conversations about gender equality with women and men in 20 countries 
by Muñoz Boudet, Ana María 
Social norms, gender roles, beliefs about one’s own capacity, and assets, as well as communities and countries, determine the opportunitie... 
8. Cover Image Gender disparities in Africa's labor market 
by Arbache, Jorge Saba Kolev, Alexandre 
"A copublication of the Agence française de développement and the World Bank."--T.p. 
9. Cover Image The women, gender and development reader 
by Visvanathan, Nalini, 1945 
2011, 2nd ed. 
"In this fully revised second edition, the editors expertly present the impact of social, political and economic change by reviewing such ... 
10. Cover Image Gender, development and disasters 
by Bradshaw, Sarah 
11. Cover Image Female well-being: toward a global theory of social change 
by Billson, Janet Mancini Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn 
12. Cover Image The other half of gender: men's issues in development 
by Bannon, Ian Correia, Maria 
This book is an attempt to bring the gender and development debate full circle-from a much-needed focus on empowering women to a more comp... 
13. Cover Image Gender, conflict, and development 
by Bouta, Tsjeard Frerks, Georg 
Gender, Conflict, and Development was written as an effort to fill a gap between the Bank’s work on gender mainstreaming and its agenda in... 
14. Cover Image The Women, gender, and development reader 
by Visvanathan, Nalini, 1945 Duggan, Lynn, 1956 
15. Cover Image Women in politics: gender, power and development 
by Tadros, Mariz, 1975 
Feminisms and development, 2014 
16. Cover Image Mining women: gender in the development of a global industry, 1670 to 2005 
by Gier, Jaclyn J Mercier, Laurie 
2006, 1st ed. 
17. Cover Image Women in the age of economic transformation: gender impact of reforms in post-socialist and developing countries 
by Aslanbeigui, Nahid, 1954 Pressman, Steven 
18. Cover Image Gender aspects of the trade and poverty nexus: a macro-micro approach 
by Bussolo, Maurizio De Hoyos, Rafael E 
This report is on the findings of a major international research project examining the links between trade, gender, and poverty. Trade lib... 
19. Cover Image Gender and development in the Middle East and North Africa: women in the public sphere 
by World Bank Staff 
Decades of investment and improved policies have greatly increased women's education and health and have reduced their fertility rate. How... 
20. Cover Image Gender and sustainability: lessons from Asia and Latin America 
by Cruz-Torres, María Luz, 1961 McElwee, Pamela D 
21. Cover Image Gender in South Asia: social imagination and constructed realities 
by Channa, Subhadra, 1951 
"Discusses gender in terms of models generalizing upon received wisdom from historical and cultural sources and lived realities"--Provided... 
22. Cover Image Desire for development: whiteness, gender, and the helping imperative 
by Heron, Barbara 
"In Desire for Development: Whiteness, Gender, and the Helping Imperative, Barbara Heron draws on poststructuralist notions of subjectivit...
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