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Gender Studies - A Welcome to the Library for Gender Studies Students

This guide offers an introduction to all Gender Studies students, including everything from how to find resources to searching for journal articles and using UVic Libraries' databases.

Indigenous women

Curation in progress.  In the meantime, below are few suggestions.

1. Cover Image Empowerment of North American Indian girls: ritual expressions at puberty 
by Markstrom, Carol A 
2. Cover Image Alliances: re/envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous relationships 
by Davis, Lynne, 1951 
3. Cover Image Indigenous American women: decolonization, empowerment, activism 
by Mihesuah, Devon A. 1957 
Contemporary indigenous issues, 2003 
4. Cover Image Defamiliarizing the aboriginal: cultural practices and decolonization in Canada 
by Emberley, Julia, 1958 
5. Cover Image Peace came in the form of a woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas borderlands 
by Barr, Juliana 
6. Cover Image Medicine women, curanderas, and women doctors 
by Perrone, Bobette, 1927 Stockel, H. Henrietta, 1938 
7. Cover Image Black eyes all of the time: intimate violence, aboriginal women, and the justice system 
by McGillivray, Anne Comaskey, Brenda 
A decade ago, a landmark study by Indian law affairs specialist Rupert Ross suggested that alternative methods of crime prevention based o... 
8. Cover Image Negotiators of change: historical perspectives on Native American women 
by Shoemaker, Nancy, 1958 
9. Cover Image Contact zones: aboriginal and settler women in Canada's colonial past 
by Rutherdale, Myra, 1961 Pickles, Katie 
10. Cover Image Indigenous bodies: reviewing, relocating, reclaiming
by Fear-Segal, Jacqueline Tillett, Rebecca 
11. Cover Image When did Indians become straight?: kinship, the history of sexuality, and native sovereignty 
by Rifkin, Mark, 1974 
12. Cover Image Restoring the balance: First Nations women, community, and culture 
by Valaskakis, Gail Guthrie Stout, Madeleine Dion 
13. Cover Image Making space for Indigenous feminism 
by Green, Joyce A. 1956 
14. Cover Image Indigenous women and work: from labor to activism
by Williams, Carol, 1956 
15. Cover Image That's what she said: contemporary poetry and fiction by Native American women 
by Green, Rayna 
16. Cover Image Trying to Get It Back: Indigenous Women, Education and Culture 
by Weiss, Gillian McKenzie, Pearl 
Annotation "Trying to Get It Back: Indigenous Women, Education and Culture examines aspects of the lives of six women from three generatio... 
17. Cover Image Finding a way to the heart: feminist writings on aboriginal and women's history in Canada 
by Brownlie, Robin, 1963 Korinek, Valerie J., 1965 
18. Cover Image Real Indians: identity and the survival of Native America 
by Garroutte, Eva Marie, 1962 
19. Cover Image Talkin' up to the white woman: aboriginal women and feminism 
by Moreton-Robinson, Aileen 
20. Cover Image Confronting race: women and Indians on the frontier, 1815-1915 
by Riley, Glenda, 1938 
21. Cover Image Aboriginal people and other Canadians: shaping new relationships 
by Thornton, Martin, 1955 Collins, D. M 
International Canadian studies series = La collection internationale d'études canadiennes, 2001 
Aboriginal People and Other Canadians discusses a wide variety of issues in Native studies including social exclusion, marginalization and... 
22. Cover Image Conquest: sexual violence and American Indian genocide 
by Smith, Andrea, 1966 
23. Cover Image Travelling knowledges: positioning the im/migrant reader of aboriginal literatures in Canada 
by Eigenbrod, Renate 
24. Cover Image Firekeepers of the twenty-first century: First Nations women chiefs 
by Voyageur, Cora Jane, 1956 
McGill-Queen's native and northern series, 2008 
25. Cover Image Keeping the campfires going: native women's activism in urban communities 
by Krouse, Susan Applegate, 1955 Howard-Bobiwash, Heather, 1966 
26. Cover Image First voices: an Aboriginal women's reader 
by Monture, Patricia A. (Patricia Anne) McGuire, Patricia D. 1960 
27. Cover Image Their right to speak: women's activism in the Indian and slave debates 
by Portnoy, Alisse, 1969 
28. Cover Image Many faces of gender: roles and relationships through time in indigenous northern communities 
by Shepard, Rita S Reinhardt, Gregory A 
Northern Lights, 2002 
29. Cover Image Encyclopedia of American Indian history 
by Johansen, Bruce E. 1950 Pritzker, Barry 
30. Cover Image Feminist history in Canada: new essays on women, gender, work, and nation 
by Carstairs, Catherine, 1969 Janoviček, Nancy, 1968 
31. Cover Image First Nations education in Canada: the circle unfolds 
by Battiste, Marie Ann Barman, Jean, 1939 
32. Cover Image Health and social issues of native American women
by Joe, Jennie Rose Gachupin, Francine C 
33. Cover Image How should I read these?: Native women writers in Canada 
by Hoy, Helen 
One of the few books on contemporary Native writing in Canada, Helen Hoy's absorbing and provocative work raises and addresses questions a... 
34. Cover Image Fighting women: anger and aggression in Aboriginal Australia 
by Burbank, Victoria Katherine 
35. Cover Image Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits 
by Greer, Allan 
The daughter of a Algonquin mother and an Iroquois father, Catherine/Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) has become known over the centuries as ... 
36. Cover Image White mother to a dark race: settler colonialism, maternalism, and the removal of indigenous children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940 
by Jacobs, Margaret D., 1963 
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, indigenous communities in the United States and Australia suffered a common experien... 
37. Cover Image Men as women, women as men: changing gender in Native American cultures 
by Lang, Sabine Vantine, John Liessman 
1998, First edition 
Publisher description: As contemporary Native and non-Native Americans explore various forms of "gender bending" and gay and lesbian ident... 
38. Cover Image Reading Native American women: critical/creative representations 
by Hernández-Avila, Inés 
Contemporary Native American communities, 2005 
39. Cover Image The testimonial uncanny: indigenous storytelling, knowledge, and reparative practices 
by Emberley, Julia, 1958 
40. Cover Image Navigating neoliberalism: self-determination and the Mikisew Cree First Nation 
by Slowey, Gabrielle A. 1971 
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