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Covidence is a web-based platform that streamlines the process of conducting a comprehensive literature review.

What do I do first?

Before you can start Full text review, the full text of the studies must be available. This means that you will need to import the full text of articles (PDFs) for every reference. 

Step 1. From the "Review Summary" page select the horizontal tab labeled "Full text screening"

Step 2. Upload the full text of the citations. You can bulk upload PDFs using Endnote or Mendeley or manually attach full-text PDFs for your full-text screening stage.

Please follow the steps below and/or consult the Import page of Covidence's support pages.

How do I manuallly import PDFs?

To manually attach full-text PDFs for your full-text screening stage, follow the three steps below.

Upload a single PDF:

Step 1. Find the full text article PDF and save it to your computer. On the Covidence home page, click Full Text Screening and then click Continue.


Step 2. Click "Add Full Text" for the article. Click Browse and find the previously saved PDF file from your computer.


Step 3. You will now see the option to View Full Text.


How do I bulk import PDFs?

The bulk PDF Import tool is a feature available that enables you to upload all of your full text review PDFs at once.

To use the tool, follow the steps below, adapted from Bulk PDF Import by Covidence which contains detailed images and additional tips.

Bulk PDF Upload:

Step 1: Export full text review reference list from Covidence.

A. From your review's summary page in Covidence, go to the Export studies tool to the right-hand side of 'Review Summary.’

B. Select ‘Full text review’ under ‘Category,’ and then pick EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley 

C. Click ‘Export' and download the file from the 'Recent exports' list below.

Step 2: Import the references into EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley and link associated PDFs to the references.

A. Import the references to your selected reference manager.

B. Find the PDFs and attach them to the corresponding reference. This can be done manually, or by using automated find full text feature available in many reference managers. Now is a good time to make sure that all of your associated PDFs are stored in one location. Doing so will make Step 3E much easier!

C. Use your reference manager to rename the PDFs attached to the references.

Step 3: Export the references from your reference manager and import into Covidence.

A. Export the list of references from the reference manager in XML format.

Tip: It’s helpful to have the XML file only contain the references that will have PDFs uploaded in Covidence, as the system may become ‘clogged’ if an entire reference library is imported and then very few PDF imports follow.

B. Navigate to your review summary page on Covidence and click on the ‘Full text screening’ section.

C. Click ‘continue,’ and then the ‘Bulk upload PDFs’ button.

D. Upload your exported XML file by dragging it to the screen or selecting the file via the ‘select file’ button.

E. Once the file has processed, you will see two numbers: the number of studies matched against your full text screening list (left), and the number of studies which also had a PDF attached (right).

F. The PDFs will now be uploaded and automatically attached to the appropriate reference. They may take a couple of minutes to appear in your review.

How do I undo an import?

The undo function is only available if there has been no activity with any of the imported references i.e. if you have screened references or begun quality assessment, the "Undo Import" button will not be visible.

If you have uploaded an incomplete or incorrect set of references, and not yet taken any actions on this import, you can undo the import.

To undo, click the Import studies tool, then click "Import History". You can view your imports on this page, and if appropriate click the "Undo Import" button to remove this set of references from your Covidence review.


Follow the steps in Bulk PDF Import by Covidence which contains detailed images and additional tips.


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