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Education - A Welcome to the Library for Faculty of Education Students

New undergraduate or graduate student in the Faculty of Education? Get a quick library orientation by viewing this library guide. And, most importantly, welcome to UVic Libraries! We're glad you're here.

JÁN ÍY, C̸ENS TÁĆEL HÁLE.   Welcome to the Library! 

ÍY SȻÁĆEL Education Students!  This guide is for UVic Faculty of Education students looking for resources held by UVic Libraries in the field of Education.  Pia Russell ŦE NE SNÁ, my name is Pia Russell and I am the librarian for Education, Indigenous Studies, and Children’s Literature at UVic Libraries.  If you need help with your library research, please get in touch. You can book an appointment with me ( It would be a pleasure to chat about your research questions via Zoom or your preferred remote meeting system.  If it is easier, I can call you long distance too.  I will try to get back to you within one business day, but if your question is urgent one of my librarian colleagues would be pleased to assist you as well ( HÍ,SW̱ḴE SI,IÁM.

Welcome Ed undergrads! Education librarian's quick welcome video for education undergrads

Welcome Ed grads! Education librarian's quick welcome video for education grad students

Indepth introduction to library research for education grad students at UVic

This 47-minute video is a comprehensive overview about conducting library research at UVic Libraries with a focus on searching for peer-reviewed articles.  This is the same content covered in course-specific, in-person library workshops.  If you are a new graduate student in Education, I strongly recommend watching this all the way through entirely first.  If you want to refresher, here are the timings so you can jump to specific sections.

  • 2:20--Navigating the libraries' website and an overview of library services
  • 4:26-9:27--Citation resources, including APA
  • 9:30-10:50--When to book a library research consultation with the librarian
  • 12:03-23:48--Overview of the Education library guide
    • 13:37-16:58--Education librarian's 'Top 10 Resources' for library research success
    • 16:59-17:55--The best encyclopedias and dictionaries for education
    • 17:56-19:54--Searching for articles using databases (see also, an example article search below)
    • 19:56-20:43--Browsing education journals 
    • 21:09-21:55--Finding stats and management data in education
    • 22:02-23:08--Finding and submitting projects, theses, and dissertations
  • 23:48-29:49--Searching for books in UVic Libraries' catalogue (the Books & Media tab)
  • 29:49-45:30--Searching for articles
    • 30:30-36:53--Boolean searching
    • 36:58-45:29--An example search for articles using Summon (includes selecting refinements and emailing results)
  • 45:30-47:03--Summary and final thoughts

UVic Libraries: We're here to help!

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