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Education - A Welcome to the Library for Faculty of Education Students

New undergraduate or graduate student in the Faculty of Education? Get a quick library orientation by viewing this library guide. And, most importantly, welcome to UVic Libraries! We're glad you're here.

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JÁN ÍY, C̸ENS TÁĆEL HÁLE.   Welcome to the Library! 

ÍY SȻÁĆEL Education Students!  This resource guide is for UVic Faculty of Education students looking for introductory resources held by UVic Libraries in the field of Education.  Your best source of information for introductory resources in Education is your instructor or supervisor; ask them for citations of some of their most commonly referenced titles.  Please let me know if you have recommendations for additional resources to be listed on this guide.

Pia Russell ŦE NE SNÁ, my name is Pia Russell and I am the Education and Children’s Literature Librarian at UVic Libraries.  If you need help with your library research, please get in touch. You can find me in McPherson Library. You can also book an appointment with me (, 250-721-8259). It would be a pleasure to meet with you and chat about your research questions.  If your question is urgent and you cannot find me, one of my librarian colleagues at the main Research Help desk in McPherson Library would be pleased to assist you (, 250-721-8274).