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Research Data Services

Guidance, tools, and training to support faculty and students working with research data.

Data Management Plans

A data management plan (DMP) is a formal document you create that describes how you plan to collect, document, store and share your data throughout the lifecycle of a research project.  A DMP is a living document that requires regular review and revision over the span of a research project.

Creating a DMP is considered a best practice in data stewardship and can help researchers to organize their research process, determine resource requirements, implement appropriate documentation and file formats for data storage and accessibility, and mitigate potential challenges in security and privacy and  long-term preservation of their data.

As mandated by the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy DMPs will be required to be submitted for some applications for funding by Spring 2022

For guidance in creating a Data Management Plan, we recommend the following online tools:

  • Portage DMP Assistant to create data management plans for Canadian funding agencies (e.g. CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) 
  • The DMP Tool to create data management plans for US funding agencies (e.g. NSF, NIH, NEH)

Examples of data management plans:

Additional Resources

DMPs are written plans which clearly articulates the strategies and tools you will implement to effectively manage your research data. They are considered essential to research data management (RDM), and are now requirements for applications for Tri-Agency funded research.

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