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Indigenous Law / Indigenous Legal Traditions

This guide looks at Indigenous legal traditions created by Indigenous legal orders.


This page is divided into three parts:

  1. Indigenous Law Research Institute (ILRU)
  2. Individual works by UVic Law Faculty
  3. UVic Law LL.M. Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertations

Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU)

Please visit the ILRU website .

Mission: "The Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) is a dedicated research unit at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law committed to the recovery and renaissance of Indigenous laws" (Source: website)

Below is a partial listing of  publications emanating from ILRU Projects and Workshops; see the ILRU website Resources page for a complete and current listing.  Library catalogue search for works issued by the Indigenous Law Research Unit 

Consult the Video on Demand collection prepared by ILRU faculty and researchers.

ILRU publications:

Faculty Works

Below are selected publications organized by faculty member. Consult also:

  1. Faculty member webpages 
  2. UVicSpace, our  repository for  the digital scholarly works of UVic faculty, students and staff. Link to  Law faculty research and publications.
  3. Law databases such as Hein Online, ICLL, ILP, and LegalTrac should also be consulted. 
  4. Library catalogue search links are included below

Selected Titles:

Selected titles: 

Selected works:

Selected works:

Selected works: 

Selected Articles:

Selected blog posts:

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Selected works: 

Selected Titles: 

Selected works: 

Selected works: 

Selected works: 

UVic Law LL.M. Thesis and Ph.D. dissertations

UVicSpace, is our repository for  the digital scholarly works of UVic faculty, students and staff.

Link to  Law Theses (including LL.M thesis and Ph.D. dissertations) in UVicSpace for the current listing of theses.

Search Strategies

No one search strategy will bring back all the results, for the most comprehensive results, use a few different search strategies listed below:

  • Search by keywords: the keywords are user generated and are not uniformly applied to the dissertations.  This means that synonyms should be used when searching such as
    • Indigenous
    • Aboriginal
    • First Nations
    • The name of the Nation (and different spelling variations)
  • Search by supervisor: search by name of dissertation supervisor ie. “John Borrows” “James Tully” “Deb Curran” “Val Napoleon” etc.  to see all the theses that that person has supervised.
  • Not only limit searches to law, can be very good theses on Indigenous peoples (including laws) in faculties other than law, including linguistics, environmental studies etc.

A library catalogue keyword boolean search for "thesis and law and victoria and (indi? or first or abor?))" will provide a listing of all thesis including Law and other UVic faculties.   


Below is a partial listing of UVic Law thesis and dissertations  consult UVICSpace for a complete listing.

For more thesis on Indigenous law from other institutions, search the ProQuest Thesis and Dissertations database

UVic Graduate Student Law & Society Research Group

Theses and Dissertations

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