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Education - Indigenous Education, including Language Revitalization

JÁN ÍY, C̸ENS TÁĆEL HÁLE. ÍY SȻÁĆEL A welcome to students studying topics in Indigenous education

Some frequently consulted books on Tsimshianic languages held in UVic Libraries' collection

Sample catalogue search queries related to Tsimshianic languages

Because the naming of languages continues to change and develop, searching the libraries' holdings through databases and the catalogue can be challenging.  Below are some example searches to help you get started.  Please let me know if you have additional questions. 

UVic Libraries' catalogue searches using synonyms with results limited as follows:

Related Tsimshianic language names

Below is a listing of language names found in the Tsimshianic language family.  Knowing name synonyms can help you with your library searching.  Also while geographic location and community name is not necessarily synonymous with language name, it can be helpful to use these relelated terms in your search as well.  Adding "language" to your search terms can help you narrow down your results.  Language names continue to change and develop.  While many of these terms are no longer in use, you may need to know some of them in order to locate older titles held by the UVic Libraries.  Please let me know if you are aware of additional names you would like added to this listing.  If you have questions about searching the library's collection, I would be happy to assist you; please contact me.

  • Tsimshian
  • Tsimshianic
  • Maritime Tsimshianic, Lower Tsimshian, Northern Tsimshian
  • Coast Tsimshian (Tsimshian proper, Sm’algyax̣, Sm’algax)
  • Southern Tsimshian (Sgüüx̣s, Old Klemtu)
  • Nass–Gitksan
  • Interior Tsimshianic, Inland Tsimshianic
  • Nisga’a (Nisqa’a, Nisg̱a’a, Nishga, Nisgha, Niska, Nass, Nishka)
  • Gitksan (Kitksan, Gitxsan, Gitksanimx̣)
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