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Gold for Gold FAQs

What is Gold for Gold?

Gold for Gold is an innovative experiment from the RSC that enables researchers to publish their paper in RSC journals free of charge, as a Gold Open Access (OA) article, without paying the normal Article Publication Fee (APF).

Gold for Gold 

An innovative initiative that allows researchers to publish Gold OA articles free of charge


How did Gold for Gold come about?

The RSC launched a pilot scheme in July 2012 to recognise the needs of researchers, who are being asked to publish Open Access (OA), but who often do not have the funding to pay for it directly. Under this initiative UK institutions that subscribe to RSC Gold (RSC's premium collection of 37 international journals, databases and magazines) are rewarded with voucher codes to have papers OA.
Following significant positive feedback and an improvement of processes and procedures, this initiative has gone global and OA voucher codes are now available worldwide to all institutions that subscribe to RSC Gold. In short, the RSC is committed to supporting the funder-led evolution to Gold OA.

Who is eligible to have an article published OA free of charge via Gold for Gold?

Any researcher (faculty or graduate student) based at the University of Victoria.


How many articles can an institution publish Gold OA via Gold for Gold?

The University of Victoria has received 6 voucher codes to publish articles in RSC journals.
One voucher code equates to one article, regardless of journal or article type.

Are there any restrictions on how the voucher codes are used?

Each voucher code can be used to publish a communication, full paper, review or technical note under the RSC's Gold OA option. 

Having met these format criteria, the article must be:

  • Accepted for publication in an RSC journal. A voucher code cannot be used until an article has been accepted. Once accepted, if the article is to be published Gold OA free of charge, it is up to the institution's representative to pass on the code to the author to be inserted into the Gold for Gold online acceptance form (see the next 2 FAQs for the role of the institution and the author). Please note all voucher codes, including credits provided during the 2012 pilot scheme are valid until the end of 2013
  • New (i.e. voucher codes cannot be used for articles that have already been published)
  • Authored by a researcher (faculty or graduate student) based at UVic.


Who authorises this process at institution-level?

Contact Kathleen Matthews, UVic Libraries, is responsible for managing and distributing voucher codes within UVic. 

Please note that voucher codes cannot be used until an article has been accepted for publication. Consequently it would be best practice for the representative to only pass a voucher code to an author once the author's article has been accepted for publication. (for details on the author process, see the next question).

What is the process for authors under this initiative?

Authors should submit articles in the same way they normally do. As with all RSC article submissions, an author should submit his/her article via ScholarOne (our submission and review system). The peer review process will then take place as usual. 

Subject to review, when the author receives notification that their article has been accepted, they should enter the appropriate voucher code in the appropriate box when filling in the Gold for Gold online acceptance form.

This voucher code will be provided to the author by the elected representative who oversees the dissemination of their institution's Gold for Gold voucher codes. (See the previous question for who this representative will be).

Whilst the article is being copyedited, typeset and proofread, the voucher code will be authenticated. Upon publication the paper will then be accessible to all as a Gold OA paper.

Link icon Manuscript Submissions 
Submit your article online via Scholar One

Gold for Gold online acceptance form 

Once an article has been accepted, a voucher code can be submitted in the online form

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