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Web Archiving for curators

Seed lists and Metadata

After approval of a recommended collection has been approved, the curator will be provided with an Archive-It logon from WAWG.  Locate the Navigation and Help Center for future reference.

  1. Logon to Archive It.
  2.  Create Collection -Click the Create a Collection button.  You will be prompted to give your new collection a name
  3. Add essential metadata: Collection  title,  Creator name, Description. Other fields optional and will be reviewed by our  Metadata unit.  Follow WAWG Archive-It Metadata Guidelines (Connect ID required). 
  4. Add your seeds; copy and paste from your list (i.e. Recommenced a collection form, your excel or word document, or copied from a browser).
  5. Apply Scoping rules to your seeds; note that some types of seeds have "automatically applied" scoping rules.  You will be prompted.
  6. Enter you collection information into the Web Archive it Collection Creators spreadsheet on Connect

Archive-It Videos and Traning materials

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