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A-Z Subject List: Key Legal Treatises and Textbooks

Use this guide as a tool to quickly access the key titles related to your research topic

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How to use this guide

Use this guide as a tool to quickly access the key titles related to your research topic. All of the titles listed are available through the UVic Law Library.  

Once you have determined the legal subject area pertaining to your research, scan the tabs on the left to find your topic.

For more information on your topic, check out our other Law Research Guides!

About Legal Treatises and Textbooks

Books may either be called treatises or textbooks. Both are academic, scholarly works that offer contextual discussion of the law on a particular topic. They offer analysis and interpretation assistance and point to useful case authorities.

Treatises are thorough expositions of an area of law and often have gone through numerous editions. They are heavily footnoted with leading cases and other scholarly works.

Textbooks are also scholarly but are often offer a less in-depth discussion with fewer footnotes. They also may be in an early edition, so their authoritativeness is not yet established.

For a more thorough description of treatises and textbooks, go to the Legal Research and Writing Libguide.

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