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Editing and Contributing to Wikipedia: Asian Studies

This guide is designed to introduce any Asian Studies specialists and students the basics of contributing to Wikipedia so that they may help improve the quality of Wikipedia articles on topics related to Asian cultures to enhance cross-culture understandi

Evaluate Wikipedia pages

Peer Review

What makes a good Wikipedia article?

Because of the collabortive nature of Wikipedia and because changes are being made by anyone at any time, Wikipedia articles constantly change and develop at different paces. They also differ in quality, and Wikipedia has developed a system to evaluate an article's quality.

Evaluating Wikipedia Articles: A Checklist

Remember, Wikipedia articles are not appropriate sources of information for college level work. But Wikipedia can be a good starting point to find other, more appropriate sources of information. Please use Wikipedia responsibly.

  • Assess the article's quality

    • Check the article's grade on the article's talk page.
    • Is the article's topic explained well?
    • Are the Wikipedia style conventions followed? Is there an introductory paragraph? Is the article broken up into seperate sections?
    • Does the article provide in-line citations? Are the sources appropriate for the information in the article? Are the sources authoritative?
  • Look at the article's history page and talk page
    • Check the article's creation date. 
    • Look to see how many editors have contributed to the article. Has the article been created by only one or two people, or has it been a collaborative effort among many editors?
    • Has the article been subject to heavy or continued vandalism? 
    • Have there been discussions about the article's validity?
    • Does the article appear to be controversial?
  • Pay attention to the template messages that appear at the top of, or within, an article.
    • Make sure to read the template messages (the boxes at the top of the page or section) if they appear in Wikipedia articles. They can inform you of any issues with the article such as lack of references and sources, the presence of unverified or unreliable information, or if the article requires clean-up, etc.


Wikipedia Article Grading Scheme

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

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