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ORCID allows scholars and students to record and share their professional activities with a global audience.

ORCID video tutorials

ORCID maintains a series of tutorials on Vimeo. Follow this link to view webinars and tutorials in multiple languages.


You have full control over your ORCID profile, what it contains, and what is publicly visible.

The minimum information visible will be your name and your ORCID iD. Choose to make your current employment, email, and publications information visible.

You can list your Education, your Funding awards, your Work Experience, and your Works (publications).

Your publication list will grow as ORCID locates articles from the sources you identify.

You can also manually enter information that is not imported automatically.

The ORCID iD is a 16-digit number randomly assigned by the ORCID registry.

An example ORCID identifier would have the following structure: 0000-0001-5109-3700. It can be expressed as a URL like this:

When applying for a grant or submitting an article for publication with a funder or publisher that has integrated with the ORCID registry.

You can also add it to your CV, business cards or personal website.

If you are a student or new member of staff creating an ORCID iD you can populate your profile by importing a BibTeX file.

ORCID can also import articles from CrossRef and other sources.

Your ORCID iD goes with you; it is not tied to a particular institution.

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