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High School Guide

Guide for high school students who want to do research in the McPherson Library

Borrowing Library materials

Grade 11 and Grade 12 students participating in the "High School to University Connection Program" are eligible for a temporary library card.  Visit the Loan Desk at the McPherson Library for assistance. 

Students in lower grades are free to use materials in the library.

Reference books, journals, magazines, and newspapers are available for "in library" use only.  Because of licensing issues, you cannot borrow films from the Media Collection.

Using computers at McPherson Library

Students in Grade 11 or Grade 12:

Students that receive a borrowers card through the "High School to University Connection Program" are eligible for a temporary guest ID and password for use on public access computer stations.  This will allow you to access the Library's website, databases, external websites, and will allow printing. These stations do not have any productivity software such as MS Word. 

There are limited numbers of guest IDs issued each day, and this ID and password will expire at the end of the business day.  You can obtain a guest ID and password at the McPherson Library loan desk. Students must present government issued ID to be eligible for a guest login.

These workstations are available on a first come, first served basis.


Students in lower grades:

Students in lower grades are not eligible for a temporary guest ID and password.  Instead, students must login into guest computer stations using a generic ID and password that is posted next to the "express" workstations on the main floor (next to the Loans desk).   You can access the UVic Libraries' website and our databases from these stations, but you cannot visit any non-UVic websites.  You cannot print from these stations.

If you want to keep full text sources, you should save documents to a USB drive.  OR many of our databases allow you to email full text documents via the database's email/save menus.  Be sure to email the full text document, not a citation with a URL link to the full text (the link won't work from off campus).


Printing at the McPherson Library

Grade 11 and Grade 12 students with a guest ID can print using the public access/express computer terminals in the McPherson Library.

  1. Visit the Loans desk to obtain a temporary computer guest ID and password.
  2. Ask the Loans desk staff to setup a "paper cut" account for your temporary ID and password. Give money to Loan Desk staff to be added to your account.
  3. Login to a public access computer workstation with the temporary ID and password.
  4. Login to your paper cut account.

Printing Costs
Printing (Black & White) $0.12/side*
Printing (Colour) $0.40/side

Photocopying at the McPherson Library

Self-serve photocopying is available from 25 copiers in the McPherson Library/Mearns Centre for Learning. For a list of locations, see locations of photocopiers and printers.

All photocopiers offer:

  • letter-size or legal-size paper option
  • double-sided copying
  • reduction and enlargement features
  • 12c per side
  • vend card access

Some photocopiers also offer:

  • large-paper size (11"x17") optionavailable at:
    • Mearns Centre for Learning:
      • Music & Media colour copier/printer
      • Maps
      • Reserve Room
      • 3rd floor
  • coin-operated option (10c per side)
    • Current Periodicals, Mearns Centre
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