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Education - Teaching Social Studies, History, and Geography

A guide to resources held by UVic Libraries on teaching Social Studies and related subjects in British Columbia from Kindergarten to Grade 12

BC's new curriculum

Since 2013 British Columbia's curriculum has undergone a considerable redesign. For additional information about BC's new K-12 Curriculum, visit the Ministry of Education website or UVic Libraries' guide on BC's curriculum.

Superseded BC Curriculum can be found here.

Learn more about BC's new curriculum:

The redesigned curriculum focuses on the following three themes (more info here):


All new subject curriculum focuses on three aspects:

  • Content (Know):  
    • "The Content learning standards — the “Know” of the Know-Do-Understand model of learning — detail the essential topics and knowledge at each grade level."
  • Curricular Competencies (Do): 
    • "The Curricular Competencies are the skills, strategies, and processes that students develop over time. They reflect the “Do” in the Know-Do-Understand model of learning. While Curricular Competencies are more subject-specific, they are connected to the Core Competencies."
  • Big Ideas (Understand):
    • "The Big Ideas consist of generalizations and principles and the key concepts important in an area of learning.  They reflect the “Understand” component of the Know-Do-Understand model of learning.
      The big ideas represent what students will understand at the completion of the curriculum for their grade. They are intended to endure beyond a single grade and contribute to future understanding."
British Columbia Ministry of Education. 2015. Retrieved May 25, 2016 from
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