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Power BI for the End User

Power BI for the End User:

The end user is someone who is reading, interacting, and gathering information from a Power BI report made by someone else. If you want to learn how to create a report, you will not find that in this LibGuide.


What appears in a Power BI report is determined by the report creator, therefore, not all reports will have all the elements outlined in this LibGuide. If you have questions about a specific report, please contact the report creator. If you think there is something missing from this guide, please submit a request.

Reading this LibGuide

if you are a total beginner, the pages are numbered so that you can follow along and learn from the beginning easily by reading them in order (e.g. 0, 1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.). Please check the accessibility section if you'd like help using accessibility tools to read a report.



Check out section 0. Glossary for some terminology that will be used for description in this LibGuide. Refer back to it if ever you encounter terminology you don't understand in the guide!

The Interactivity section goes over way you as the user can interact with a report.

Buttons page

1.1 Buttons: use buttons to navigate between pages in the report, or outside the report, or to change what is shown on the page.

filters page

1.2 Filters: Use filters to change what data and visualizations are being shown in your report based on some criteria.

tooltips page

1.3 Tooltips: Hover over a visualization to get more information about data points

drilling page

1.4 Drilling: Drill up, down, or through to see more granular information about a datapoint.

header icons page

1.5 Header Icons: There are many additional interactions available on a visualization through the header icons that appear when you hover over it.

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