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Education - Early Childhood Education

A starting place to help you find classroom resources for preschool and primary grade learning environments.


For a listing of library held resources divided up by methodological approach, view the tab above labeled: 'Books by Methodological Approach'.  This is not an exhaustive list, there are many different approaches.  Also, the methods listed are not mutually exclusive, many researchers combine various approaches.  If you have suggestions for additional resources to be listed, please let me know.  

Call Numbers/Subject Headings

Check a floor map to locate Social Science research methods titles in the McPherson Library.

Select a Library of Congress subject heading to browse books in the UVic Libraries:

Introductory Video Clip--Graham Gibbs

This video clip is by Graham Gibbs who teaches at the University of Huddersfield in the UK.  I really like Gibbs' many online tutorials available through the Online Qualitative Data Analysis.

Introductory Video Clip--Zina O'Leary

There are many videos on research methods uploaded onto youtube.  In this SAGE blog clip, Dr. Zina O'Leary discusses her book, The Essential Guide to doing Research.  SAGE is a leading publisher of titles in the area of Social Science research methods.  Dr. O'Leary is a researcher in the Graduate School of Government, The University of Sydney.  SAGE has many other videos listed on their youtube channel.   

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