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DIF Workshop - Introduction to Covidence

Covidence is a web-based platform that streamlines the process of conducting comprehensive literature reviews, including systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, and meta-narratives.

Covidence is ideal for team collaboration and allows multiple reviewers to work on a project simultaneously; however, it can also be used individually. Covidence bundles citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, and the exportation of data and references together onto one platform saving researchers valuable time and improving the quality of evidence synthesis. 

Intended Audiences

This workshop is for: 

  • Faculty
  • General Public
  • Graduate Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • UVic Staff

This workshop is for a general audience; no previous knowledge of the platform is required. It is applicable to those supporting, participating, or conducting comprehensive literature reviews, including but not limited to systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, and meta-narratives. Covidence is suitable for all sectors and disciplines that make use of comprehensive literature reviews, most notably the health sciences, social sciences, and education.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Explain that Covidence bundles duplication detection, reference screening, and full text review into a single web-based platform 
  • Classify Covidence as a multidisciplinary tool 
  • Create a review and perform the following steps:
    • Adjust review & team settings
    • Import references
    • Screen title and abstracts
    • Import full text
    • Screen full text
  • Recognize how Covidence improves collaboration and evidence synthesis

Outline or Agenda

Introduction (10 minutes)

Activities (30 minutes)

Conclusion (10 minutes)

Pre-class quiz

Complete this short, 2 minute anonymous pre-class survey.

Pre-class videos, readings and exercises


Do Activity

In-class activities and instruction

Post-class assessment and course feedback

Complete this short, 2 minute anonymous post-class feedback survey.

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