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Using citation generators to help with the research and writing process

This guide highlights some recommended citation generators and how to use them.

Research database citation generators

Most (but not all) of the Libraries' licensed research databases have built-in citation generators.  On this page, we highlight one of many that exist.  Given we've been using citation examples throughout this guide on the topic of pickleball, we'll use the SPORTDiscus database to give you a feel for how these work.

Generating a citation for one item

  1. Once you have found an item you would like to cite, click on its title.

image showing a search result in the sportdiscus database

  1. On the 'detailed view' screen, find the "cite" option in the right-hand menu.

image showing the cite button to the right of the item

  1. An accordion window will appear allowing you to select the citation style of your choice.

image showing the accordion box that appears with the various citation styles to choose from


Generating a citation list for multiple items

  1. Click on the folder which is located to the right of the items you want to cite. The folder works similar to the shopping cart feature you see on commercial websites, where you can select items you want to keep. In this case, I only want to keep the citations for articles that look at older adults and pickleball.

image showing the folder feature beside each item in the search results

  1. On the right side of the screen click on the 'Folder View' link which will take you to your selected items.  (Essentially your shopping cart.)

image showing the link to access the 'Folder view'

  1. Select all the items you wish to generate a citation for, then choose an output option.  'Email' or 'Save to File' are commonly selected for this purpose.

image showing the output options for your citations

  1. Choose a citation format from the list of options presented, then 'Save'.

image showing the citation format options you can choose from

  1. If you chose the 'Save to File' option, the citations will appear on your screen and you can copy/paste these into your document.  Note: The system suggests that you double-check these for accuracy.

image showing the generated citations for copy/paste

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