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Anthropology 2023 - ANTH 312 [Medical Anthropology]

ANTH 312 Journal Article Searches via "Library Search" [examples]

Find journal articles [and other resources] via "Library Search", the Libraries' interdisciplinary search & discovery service. [Use the "Search Box" on UVic Libraries website.]

"Library Search" offers an intuitive and fast search engine that helps you discover relevant information on any topic from the University of Victoria Libraries collections and searches through our collection of e-books, print books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, video, dissertations, etc. Rather than searching for all of these formats and resources in separate databases, "Library Search" provides a single unified search box. In contrast to Google Scholar, "Library Search" focuses discovery and access on the resources licensed by the UVic Libraries.

Activity #1: Examples of searches for peer reviewed journal articles: 
In "Library Search", explore the result set with one of these sets of keywords:

  • pandemic* [ethnog* OR "medical anthropology"]
  • malaria vaccine [ethnog* OR "medical anthropology"]

Refine your search by "filtering" by the following filters, in this step-by-step sequence:

  • Peer-reviewed [Availability filter]
  • Journal Articles [Content Type filter]
  • Medical Anthropology [Subject Term filter"l

Best practice: Always check the references in any relevant books, chapters of articles, to find other resources.

Activity #2: Explore searching with keywords from the course syllabus:

  • Define key concepts in the field of medical anthropology
  • Identify cross-cultural similarities and differences in ideas about sickness and healing
  • Understand some key assumptions and values embedded in biomedicine
  • Explore how scientific knowledge and medical technologies move from the laboratory to public health policy and popular culture
  • Critically assess the ethics and effectiveness of global health research, policy and program initiatives aimed at reducing health inequities
  • Apply concepts derived from medical anthropology to the analysis of everyday problems

Google Scholar Tip: If using Google Scholar it is recommended to connect via the Libraries website from the "Libraries Databases" page. The Libraries have uploaded our licensed content to Google Scholar so as to let UVic researcher know when access is available and will not be blocked by a pay wall.

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