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HSTR 304: Social History of the Automobile

This guide will help you do research for HSTR 304.

Finding Books

To find books or ebooks avalable at UVic Libraries, you can use Summon or the Books and More Catalogue.  

Find the Books Catalogue on the front page at, on the second tab.  

the book catalogue

Use "Author Title Keyword" to find a known item (a specific book), and use "Keyword Anywhere" to discover books on a topic or theme.


The Results List

On the results list, you can choose a specific location, which will specify what type of thing you're looking at. You can use this to exclude unwanted stuff (like K-12 books in the Curriculum Collection) or to include things (like DVDs):  

refine results list

Then you can look at your results.  In the initial results list, you'll see the title/author, year of publication, call number and location.   It will also tell you if the item is print, electronic, micfoform, or some other format: 

result list of titles

The book record

Click on any title to see its book record.  This gives you metadata (information) about the book, along with tools to find it, and the information you need to find it in the library.  For a paper book, this is Call number and location. For an ebook, it'll give a URL. Note that the "Permanent URL" at the bottom of the page links to the record, not the actual book. 

book record for Louis Riel: a comic strip biography

The Subject Headings tell you how librarians describe that subject, and link to all other books with the same subject heading.  This is very useful for finding more on your topic.  These headings are drawn from a thesaurus created by the Library of Congress.  It can be problematic, but it's what we use, and what most academic libraries worldwide use.  

Where is it?

Click on "Show me Where" on the action menu (right side of book record) to get a map to show you where to go: 

map of third floor


You can also 'Text me this call number', to recieve a text with the title, call number and floor, to guide you to the book.  


The STATUS of a book will tell you if it's available or not. In Library is ideal, come and get it!  If it says Charged, checked out, on order or anything else, you'll need to RECALL the book.  This requests the book be returned (within 7 days) for you!


Recall: Requests that books be brought back for you

ReTrieve: Requests that books be brought to the main floor, for you to pick up

Re:Quest: Faculty can request a book be delivered to their office

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