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Health Information Science 530 - Evidence Based Health Informatics

General Gray Literature Resources

Resources for Finding Grey (Gray) Literature A-N

  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)
    AHRQ provides data on the cost and use of health care, scientific information on health care and results of medical treatments, as well as data on special needs of priority populations.
  • Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University
    The Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University is an interdisciplinary and multi-format collection on ethical issues related to health care, biomedical research, biotechnology, and the environment.
  • CDC Stacks
    CDC Stacks is a free, digital archive of scientific research and literature produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This online archive is composed of curated collections tailord for public health research needs.
  • Centre for Review & Disseminations (CRD)
    Provide research-based information about the effects of health and social care interventions via CRD databases and undertake systematic reviews evaluating the research evidence on health and public health questions of national and international importance.  
  • CiteSeerX (Beta)
    CiteSeerX is an evolving scientific literature digital library and search engine that has focused primarily on the literature in computer and information science.        
  • Clinical Medical and Health Research
    A repository of non-peer reviewed original research from BMJ Publishing (closed to submissions in 2005).
  • Cogprints
    An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and many areas of computer science, philosophy and biology.
  • Directory of Health Organizations
    A directory of health organizations from the National Library of Medicine
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
    The Directory of Open Access Journals lists open access scientific and scholarly journals. Quality controls measures are used.
  • ePrint Network
    Provides access to scholarly and professional ePrings (works) that are electronically produced and shared by researchers with the intent of communicating research findings to colleagues. Includes preprints, reprints, technical reports, conference publications or other means of electronic communication.
  • FDsys: Federal Digital System
    Provides free online access  to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. Through FDsys, you are able to search for documents and publications, browse for documents and publications, access metadata about documents and publications, and download documents and publications in multiple renditions or file formats.
  • Grey Source
    A selection of Web-based resources in grey literature.
  • Information Bridge and Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information
    The Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information provides free public access to over 323,000 full-test douments and bibliographic citations of Department of Energy (DOE) research report literature. Documents are from 1991 forward, legacy documents are added as they become available in electronic format. The Information Bridge contains documents and citations in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics related to DOE's mission.
    A virtual library built by university librarians that provides access to eJournals, government information, maps and GIS on a variety of topics.
  • MetaLib
    A service of the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP). MetaLib is a federated search engine that searches multiple U.S. Federal government databases.
  • NASA Technical Reports Server
    The NTRS provides access to NASA's current and historical technical literature and engineering results. Over 500,000 aerospace-related citations, over 200,000 full-tect online documents and over 500,000 images and videos are available.
  • National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) (CDC)
    The NCHS' website is a rich source of information about America's health. The site provides a wide range of data from birth/death records, medical records, interview surveys to direct physical exams and laboratory testing.


What is Gray Literature?

"Information produced on all levels of government, academia, business and industry in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing i.e., where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body"  -ICGL Luxembourg definition, 1997- Expanded in New York, 2004

"Gray literature...refers to informally published written material (such as reports) that may be difficult to trace via conventional channels such as published journals and monographs because it is not published commercially or is not widely accessible." - Wikipedia definition of "grey/gray literature"

Types of grey literature include web 2.0 communication channels, ePrints, preprints, post prints, email, texts, listserv archives, wiki articles, images, theses, dissertations, conference proceedings and abstracts, clinical trials and practice guidelines, technical reports, standards, patents, newsletters, videos, etc.

So, how do I find grey literature?

Finding grey literature can be difficult and require exhaustive searching. Since grey literature is not included in bibliographic databases, it requires different search techniques in order to find information relevent to your topic of interest. The links below offer quick introductions and tutorials, but a librarian is always a great place to start!

Resources for Finding Grey (Gray) Literature N-Z

  • National Institute of Medicine IHM
    Images from the History of Medicine (IHM) provides access to over 70,000 images in the collections of the History of Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The collection includes portraits, photographs, caricatures, genre scenes, posters, and graphic art illustrating the social and historical aspects of medicine dated from the 15th to 21st century.

  • NIH RePORT Searchable Public Databases
    A directory of searchable public databases provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Links to RePORTER, NIDB Resources, NCBI Literature Databases, PubMedCentral, PubMed (Medline),, Community of Science,, World Wide Science and are available.

  • OAIster
    OAIster is a union catalog of millions of records representing open access resources that was built by harvesting from open access collections worldwide using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). OAIster includes more than 25 million records representing digital resources from more that 1,100 contributors.

  • OpenSIGLE (OpenGrey)
    System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, is your open access to 700,000 bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe and allows you to export records and locate the documents. 

  • Public Health Image Library (PHIL)
    From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Public Health Image Library (PHIL) provides access to photographs, illustrations and multimedia files relevant to public health and health care.

  • Public Health Partners
    Helping the public health workforce find and use information effectively to improve and protect the public's health.

  • searches over 55 databases and over 2,100 selected websites from 13 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results. is governed by the interagency Alliance.

  • Science Accelerator
    Science Accelerator is a gateway to science, including R&D results, project descriptions, accomplishments, and more.

  • Scirus
    Scirus is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web. With over 575 million scientific terms indexed at last count, it allows researchers to search for not only journal content but also scientists' homepages, courseware, pre-print server material, patents and institutional repository and website information. 

    A UK based open-access institutional repository.

  • TRIP Database
    Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care. Includes images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news. 

  • United Nations Official Documents System
    ODS provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, and Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards. ODS includes pre-session, in-session and post-session documentation ofr the General Assembly and its subsidiary bodies; the Security Council and its subsidiary bodies; the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary bodies; and the Trusteeship Council; and for global conferences convened by the UN, as well as for meetings included in the Calendar of Conferences and Meetings authorized by the General Assembly.

  • U.S. Food & Drug Administrtaion (FDA)
    FDA for Science & Research provides access to clinical trials, product development, and R&D.

  • USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse
    Search a half-century of U.S. international aid records. Use advanced search to narrow your results.

  • VA Technology Assessment Program (VATAP)
    A listing of Health Technology Assessment Reports and Summaries from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Technology Assessment Program.

  • Virtual Health Library
    A repository of scientific information and knowledge focused on South America and the Caribbean, supported by BIREME, PAHO, & WHO.

    WHO publications collection and international health literature.

    Feel free to suggest other gray/grey literature resources that you would like to see on this database page.

Resources for Finding Reports and Reviews

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