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Scholarly use of AI tools

How to use generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bing Search, DALL-E 2, and others in academic settings ethically and in accordance with standards of academic integrity. How to reference content created by them or with their assistance.

Microsoft CoPilot – access to the GPT-4 powered AI-chatbot at UVic

What is Microsoft CoPilot? 

  • CoPilot is a GenAI tool, similar to ChatGPT or Google Gemini
    • Powered by OpenAI's latest large-language model GPT-4
    • Multimodal → it can generate text, code, images, etc.
  • Why does UVic provide access to CoPilot?
    • It is part of UVic's Microsoft 365 license
  • Who can access the GenAI tool at UVic? 
    • All UVic affiliates: students, faculty, staff, administration
  • What is required to access CoPilot?
  • Advantage of using CoPilot over similar tools? Data privacy!
    • User & organizational data are protected
    • Prompts & responses are not saved
    • Chats are not used to train the underlying AI model



QR Code linking to Microsoft CoPilot landing page

How to access the tool – step by step

Schematic overview on how to access CoPilot as a UVic member

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