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Education - Children's Literature in the Classroom

A guide for locating grade-appropriate children's literature for use in the classroom.

About these pages

Our collection of Indigenous children's literature is growing and has become quite popular.

Most of these resources are located in the Curriculum Library, though some are at McPherson - in this case there is a note saying "Located at Main Library" to make this more transparent. 

Use the Quick Search feature to find other resources on the selected topics.  Many of our Indigenous resources are on display beneath the Honored Grandmother Earth Fibres Mural (pictured below) for easy access.


ANED Resources   SD#61 Aboringinal Nations Education Division has selected links to novel studies.

First People - Legends  Legends on this site are organized by community; for example, you can look up local (Salish, Cowichan, etc.), national (Cree, Ojibwa, Micmac) or international communities (Maori).

Using First Nations Literature in the Classroom Saskatoon Public Schools On-line Resources.