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Education - Children's Literature in the Classroom

A guide for locating grade-appropriate children's literature for use in the classroom.


Children's Literature in the Classroom


Welcome to UVic Libraries!  My name is Pia Russell, and I'm UVic's Education Librarian.  Throughout this guide I have outlined resources held by UVic Libraries on a variety of special topics related to the use of children's literature in K-12 classrooms.  Thanks for taking a peek at this library guide; let me know if it was helpful.  

If you are looking for library resources related to literary theory and cultural studies approaches to children's literature, please consult the library guide titled:  Children's Literature - Criticism, Interpretation, and History 

Your course instructors are the best sources of information, ask them for their recommendations for useful introductory resources.

Let me know if you have recommendations for additional resources to be listed on this guide, I am always looking for great new resources.