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Psychology 100: Online discussion forums assignment

This guide has been created to provide assistance for students in PSYC 100 who are working on their discussion forum assignment.

First of all, what exactly is a peer-reviewed research article?

Watch this short video to better understand the difference between scholarly and popular articles.

Secondly, how do I find one?

My top recommendation for finding peer-reviewed research articles for psychology, is to use the PsycINFO database. 


Because it is "the" resesarch database for psychology; by that I mean it is the database that contains the majority of publications coming out of the field of psychology, and is widely used by researchers in the field.  These publications you will find here are things like journals, books, and dissertations --basically a lot of original research studies and experiments.

As well, searching a subject-specific database can have its benefits, in that there are lots of specialized search filters to help you uncover whatever it is you seek.

Okay, you've convinced me. How do I access this PsycINFO database, anyway?

As a UVic student, you can access PsycINFO through the Library website.  From the top of the Library homepage, click on the Search options menu > Databases > PsycINFO

Or, you can use the direct link to PsycINFO below.