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International business

Resources for researching business topics in a foreign country.

Use this guide to discover websites and library databases containing information on economic, political, and business conditions in foreign countries.

→ Useful for MBA570, COM361, & COM450 

Country profiles

A country profile may include topics such as a country's history, culture, politics, economy, risk, and the business or investment environment. They may also include a PESTLE or SWOT analysis.

→ Find country profiles in the following library databases, see notes for how to search:

Industry & market information

Find global industry and market statistics and reports in the following library databases:

Searching the web

Beyond the library there are numerous websites which may provide additional information, see below for just a few examples.

Quality sources are often buried, use targeted Google searches and look out for content from:

  • Governments (trade and statistical agencies)
  • International organizations
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Trade associations
  • Professional research/consulting firms

Data & statistics

Official, reputable, and harmonized sources for country economic statistics.

Evaluating sources

With any resource, be sure to approach it with a critical eye and consider its authority, purpose, content, and currency.


  • Who is the author? Are they qualified to write on this topic? Do they have valid credentials?
  • Are the affiliated with an institution? Does it display any bias?
  • Who is the publisher? Does it display any bias?
  • What types of resources do they typically publish?


  • What is the purpose of this information? To inform, teach, sell, entertain, persuade?
  • Do the authors make their intentions or biases clear?
  • Does the purpose suit your research?


  • How well does the resource relate to your topic?
  • Is it at an appropriate level?
  • Is it supported by evidence?
  • Does it have footnotes or references?
  • Has the information been reviewed by other experts (peer-review?)


  • When was the work published?
  • Has it been revised or updated?
  • Is currency necessary for your research?
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