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Education - Educational Leadership, Policy, and Administration

This is an introductory resource guide for supplementary resources on the topic of leadership, policy, and administration in the field of education.


This introductory resource guide is for UVic Faculty of Education graduate students looking for supplementary resources held by UVic Libraries on the topic of leadership, policy, and administration in the field of education.  Your best source of information for an introduction to educational leadership is your instructor or supervisor.  Ask them for their recommendations of useful introductory resources.  Let me know if you have recommendations for additional resources to be listed on this guide.

Sometimes students ask me where they can find information on trends in educational leadership.  There are many videos on educational leadership uploaded on youtube, below are some of my recommendations.  Be sure to also ask your instructor or supervisor for their suggestions.

My office hours are by appointment in my office (email me to set up a time)


This 47-minute video is a comprehensive overview about conducting library research at UVic Libraries with a focus on searching for peer-reviewed articles.  This is the same content covered in course-specific, in-person library workshops.  If you are a new graduate student in Education, I strongly recommend watching this all the way through entirely first.  If you want to refresher, here are the timings so you can jump to specific sections.

  • 2:20--Navigating the libraries' website and an overview of library services
  • 4:26-9:27--Citation resources, including APA
  • 9:30-10:50--When to book a library research consultation with the librarian
  • 12:03-23:48--Overview of the Education library guide
    • 13:37-16:58--Education librarian's 'Top 10 Resources' for library research success
    • 16:59-17:55--The best encyclopedias and dictionaries for education
    • 17:56-19:54--Searching for articles using databases (see also, an example article search below)
    • 19:56-20:43--Browsing education journals 
    • 21:09-21:55--Finding stats and management data in education
    • 22:02-23:08--Finding and submitting projects, theses, and dissertations
  • 23:48-29:49--Searching for books in UVic Libraries' catalogue (the Books & Media tab)
  • 29:49-45:30--Searching for articles
    • 30:30-36:53--Boolean searching
    • 36:58-45:29--An example search for articles using Summon (includes selecting refinements and emailing results)
  • 45:30-47:03--Summary and final thoughts

Introductory Video Clip--Prof. Catherine McGregor

A number of scholars in UVic's Faculty of Education focus on research in Educational Leadership.  Here is an interview with Associate Profesor Catherine McGregor.

Introductory Video Clip--Prof. Carolyn Crippen

A number of scholars in UVic's Faculty of Education focus on research in Educational Leadership.  Here is an interview with Associate Profesor Carolyn Crippen

Introductory Video Clip--Dr. Michael Fullan

For a sense of Canadian research trends in educational leadership, have a look at this interview with Dr. Michael Fullan.  Michael Fullan is Professor Emeritus at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.          

Introductory Video Clip--Prof. Pedro Noguera

For a sense of international research trends, have a look at this video clip by Dr. Pedro Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University.   

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