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Education - Teaching the Core Competencies

A guide to resources held by UVic Libraries on teaching the Core Competencies of the BC Curriculum

Personal & Social Competencies

The Ministry of Education has separated the Personal & Social Competency into three aspects:

  • Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

    The positive personal and cultural identity competency involves the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of all the facets that contribute to a healthy sense of oneself. It includes awareness and understanding of one’s family background, heritage(s), language(s), beliefs, and perspectives in a pluralistic society.

    Download the Positive Personal & Cultural Identity Profiles in English and French.
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility

    Personal awareness and responsibility includes the skills, strategies, and dispositions that help students to stay healthy and active, set goals, monitor progress, regulate emotions, respect their own rights and the rights of others, manage stress, and persevere in difficult situations. Students who demonstrate personal awareness and responsibility demonstrate self-respect and express a sense of personal well-being.

    Download the Personal Awareness and Responsibility Profiles in English and French.
  • Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility involves the ability and disposition to consider the interdependence of people with each other and the natural environment; to contribute positively to one’s family, community, society, and the environment; to resolve problems peacefully; to empathize with others and appreciate their perspectives; and to create and maintain healthy relationships.

    Download the Social Responsibility Profiles in English and French.

Learn more about BC's new curriculum:

Below are resources held by UVic Libraries. Your course instructors are the best sources of information for the teaching of these Core Competencies. Ask them for their recommendations for useful introductory resources.

Let me know if you have recommendations for additional resources to be listed on this guide, I am always looking for great new resources.


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Books on the Personal & Social Competency

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