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SOSC100: Scholars Seminar

This guide is intended to help students in SOSC100 Navigate the library, do a literature review, and consider what it means to do research.

Library Search

Library Search is a giant research database, and is a useful starting point for research. 

Pros: It's really big!

Cons: It's really big! 

Library Search is like Google for the library. It has a lot of every kind of thing, from every subject, and tries to bring you back as many results as possible. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Include 3 or 4 ideas from your research question in your keyword search (think people, places, things - add your limits and boundaries)
  2. Add your discipline or broad subject (Psychology, Anthropology) as well as ideas from your research question (Psychology of students in Canada and sleep)
  3. Use the limiters provided to apply your NON subject critiera (publication date, scholarly or peer reviewed, language, etc) 
  4. And always make sure you're logged in (to and the database, if necessary).   Using the UVic VPN while off campus is the best way to make sure you're getting everything you should have access to. 


Library Search Basics (Video)

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