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POLI 306 Introduction to Marxism (2016)

A research companion to Professor Lawson's course

Electronic Texts

Marxist Internet Archive
The Marxists Internet Archive is divided into sections: Marxist Writers; Marxist History; Subject Archive; Reference Writers; Encyclopaedia of Marxism.  Marxist writers is the largest section, holding over 500 texts. Large collections of works are available in electronic form for Marx and Engels; Lenin; Trotsky; James Connolly; Daniel DeLeon; Rosa Luxemburg; John MacLean; and more. The Marx and Engels, and Lenin archives include correspondence, biographies, photographic images and a subject index. The section on reference writers draws attention to individuals whose works assist in understanding Marxist concepts. Writers for whom biographies and excerpts are provided include Ludwig Feuerbach; Georg Hegel; Jean-Paul Sartre; Albert Einstein; Charles Darwin; Georgi Dimitrov; and Thomas More. [Intute]

The Marxist Internet Archives includes, among other the following texts:

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey 


Internet Archive Texts

Download free ebooks in a variety of e formats.  It is an open free library of books scanned and contributed  from libraries around the world.  A goal is open access to the world's knowledge.

Project Gutenberg eBooks

Community-edited texts of classics in all fields (mostly by grad students).

Townsend Centre - Berkeley

Working groups post many excepts of key texts

Google Books

You may find ebooks on this site, however copyright restrictions may prevent viewing more than one page.

E-Book collections at UVic Libraries

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