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About this page

This page provides access points for documents and publications of the Government of Canada including Parliament  and federal departments and agencies.  

Primary and Official Sources - Electronic

Debates, Records, and Proceedings - Electronic

Canada Parliaments - Durations of Sessions

Debates, Records and Proceedings - Print

The titles listed below are found on the 3rd floor of McPherson Library, shelved by Call Number.  Also available in the Law Library in Legislative Compact Shelving 

House of Commons debates, official report (Hansard). 1875 to the present.
Call Number: J103 K2

Debates of the Senate, official report (Hansard). 1873 to the present.
Call Number: J103 J2

Reconstituted Debates of the House of Commons  (1867/68 ,<1870>-1872) and Senate of Canada  (1867/68-1871)
Call Numbers J103 K18 and J103 J18. 

Sessional Papers of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada. 1867-1924
Call Number J103 H6

Journals of the House of Commons of Canada. 1868 to the present
Call Number J103 K3

Journals of theSenate of Canada. 1868 to the present
Call Number J103 J3

House of Commons and Senate Standing and Special Committees Minutes and Proceedings Shelved by committee, starting at Call number J103 J6

The above titles are also available at the Law Library. The titles listed  below are only available at the Law Library.

Unpublished House of Commons Sessional Papers [microform]12th Parliament, 6th session (12 Jan. 1916/18 May 1916)]-33rd Parliament, 2nd session (30 Sept./1986/1 Oct. 1988. Priestly Law Microfilm KE55.2 C362

Canadian parliamentary committees [microform]. 1935-2008 (1st Sess.39th Parl.) Arrangement: 1935 to 1979 (18th to 31st Parliament), alphabetically by Committee. 32th Parliament onward, by Parliament and Session. There is some overlap. With this 40th Parliament, Parliamentary Publications will no longer produce microfiche for its committee publications
Priestly Law Microfiche Call Number: KE37 C35

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