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A general guide to resources in the field of biology

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Find Print Books - Call Numbers/Subject Headings in Biology 

Recommended Call Numbers for Biology for books in the UVic Libraries assigned to that call number range:

G        Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation
GC     Oceanography
Q        Science

QH     Natural history
                 75-77        Nature conservation.
                 201-278    Microscopy
                 301-705    General biology
                 426-470    Genetics
                 471-489    Reproduction
                 501-531    Life
                 540-549    Ecology
                (For human ecology, see GF Anthropology)
QK     Botany
                641-673    Plant anatomy
                710-899    Plant physiology
                901-938    Plant ecology
QL     Zoology
               750-795    Animal behavior and psychology
               801-950    Anatomy
               951-991    Embryology
QM     Human anatomy
                 601-691    Human embryology
QP     Physiology
                351-495    Neurophysiology. Neuropsychology
                501-801    Animal biochemistry
                901-981    Experimental pharmacology
QR     Microbiology
                75-99        Bacteria
                180-189    Immunology
                355-484    Virology
R       Medicine and History of medicine
RA     Public aspects of medicine, Including medical statistics
RB     Pathology
RC     Practice of medicine
                 86-88          First aid in illness and injury
                 321-576      Neurology and psychiatry
                1200-1245    Sports medicine
RD     Surgery
RM    Therapeutics. Pharmacology
RS     Pharmacy
S       Agriculture and Conservation of natural resources              
SB     Plant culture
               114-118    Seeds
               119-125    Propagation
               183-317    Field crops
               599-999    Diseases and pests

Check a Floor Map ( to locate the Biology Print Collections in the McPherson Library.

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