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Alternative Metrics

This guides provide an introduction and overview of alternative metrics and how to use the tool Altmetric Explorer.

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What is Altmetric Explorer? Scroll to see an example of an Altmetric Explorer score.

  • Altmetric Explorer is one of many providers that collects and reports on alternative indicators. UVic has a subscription for students, faculty, and staff to access Altmetric Explorer. See Sign up for Altmetric Explorer to learn more.
  • The Altmetric Explorer for Institutions database provides advanced and customizable options for researchers, faculty, staff, and students at UVic looking to track altmetrics attention associated with their scholarly outputs. Altmetric Explorer pulls its data from several sources, including (but not limited to) policy and patent citations, as well as news and social media mentions. Click here to watch a video, Introduction to Altmetric for Institutions.
  • Altmetric Explorer visualizes data by gathering all of the source mentions into one score via the Altmetric “donut” visual. See Reading the Altmetric Explorer donut to learn more. 

Why use Altmetric Explorer?

  • Provide contextual information when documenting the impact of scholars' work in CV's, tenure & promotion dossiers, and grant and job applications
  • Support annual reporting and analysis of research outputs by UVic faculty
  • More fully measure the global impact and productivity of all disciplines at UVic
  • Fully measure the global impact of UVic research
  • Support annual reporting and analysis of scholarly outputs by UVic faculty
  • Support open access initiatives and increase scholar visibility


Title: Bias in Research Grant Evaluation Has Dire Consequences for Small Universities
Authors: Dennis L. Murray, Douglas Morris, Claude Lavoie, Peter R. Leavitt, Hugh MacIsaac, Michael E. J. Masson, Marc-Andre Villard

View and explore this example on Altmetric Explorer: 

 Pay special attention to the stars and yellow boxes, as these indicate key features of Altmetric Explorer. 
See Reading the Almetric Explorer donut to learn more. 

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